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 [Salara and Lelara] Shattered Bond

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[Salara and Lelara] Shattered Bond Empty
PostSubject: [Salara and Lelara] Shattered Bond   [Salara and Lelara] Shattered Bond EmptyWed Aug 14, 2013 10:43 pm

This takes place on board the Stormbreaker II as it sailed back to SW from Kalimdor. It's focus is on Lelara, giving an insight into her and her relationship with her sister (Salara). This should, hopefully, help the develop the character some more.


How long has it been? Three years? Four? Maybe five? Six at a push? She was uncertain. It was hardly a foot note in the life span of her kind, yet so much had happened in this short space of time. So much lost and so much gained. Far more than in a millennia, that much is sure. She mused to herself as she sat, frozen, in the bowls of the Stormbreaker II. She was en-route to Stormwind with most of the Company, many of her comrades were up above, working, talking, drinking, resting and making far too much noise for her liking. Despite having a deck or two between her and the others she could still hear them clearly, it was making meditation difficult. The occasional scratching noise from the other side of the hold told her that her only company this eve, her sister’s beloved raptor Black Talon, was also finding rest difficult with the noise.

Still she pushed it aside, her time with the Cult in the Eastern Plaguelands taught her how to ignore the racket caused by the Living. Perhaps I should never have left… at least then I had a private sanctum to retreat to… no it was for the best, I have a new Master now... A better Master than a Zealot devoted to a dead lunatic.

Her internal musings were interrupted by the noise from above becoming louder for a second then being muffled once more, as some one came through the door to the cargo hold. Curious she shatter the ice surrounding her, opening her eye and turning her head to see who would come down here. The clack of hooves narrowed down the possibilities some what. The Captain perhaps? Or Shiiri the Moral Officer? These were her first guesses, they were among the few in the whole company who would have any business with her. Her gaze hardened as her question gained its answer as Salara, her “dear” sister, entered the hold. Their gazes locked for a moment, neither moving nor saying anything. Eventually Salara broke the staring contest, moving over to Black Talon, affectionately stroking his hide once she was within arms reach.

Lelara took a moment to study her sister, for once taking note of the differences between her current appearance and the few broken memories she had of her. She bares far more scars than she once did, of that I am certain… the eye patch is new… her hair too, has changed. It used to be long and flowing, drawn back into a pony tail… I used to be so jealous of it… Within moments this train of thought led her deep into her own mind, new connections between her disjoined memories quickly forming as her thoughts lead her into the depths of her mind. That nameless, faceless person finally becoming clear, words once lost to the passage of time coming to the forefront of her mind, the edges of a shattered bond becoming evident.

Coming back to reality she found Salara staring at her, an unreadable look on her face. It’s almost as if she knows… And perhaps she did, they had been so close once. Knew each other better than they knew themselves, knew exactly what the other was feeling and thinking. They could have been mistaken for twins in their youth, so strong was their bond. But that time was long past and that brought a small feeling of sorrow and yearning, a yearning to have that bond back. Yet that too was no longer possible, her deathless state and Salaras true allegiance made certain of that.

She opened her mouth to speak, yet immediately shut it again. Unsure of what she had intended to say, nor what should be said. However despite her comment being still born, Salara nodded to her in understanding. Still able to interoperate her sister despite no words being said. The bond may have been shattered, but part of it still lingered it seemed. And so to the two sat in comfortable silence, a silence broken only by the creak of the ships hull and the shouting and signing from above deck.
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[Salara and Lelara] Shattered Bond
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