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 Private Saphra Emberstone*

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Areyah / Saphra

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PostSubject: Private Saphra Emberstone*   Private Saphra Emberstone* EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 7:02 pm

Personal Information

Private Saphra Emberstone* Wildtempestlionshieldsk

Name: Saphra Emberstone
Race&Gender: Human Female
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Emberstone Village, Gilneas

Prior non-military employment: Shopkeeping, waitressing.
Civilian Qualifications: Limited basic education. Sewing, knitting, cooking, some herbology.
Prior military service: Conscript for 157th Company, Last Chance platoon.
Military Qualifications: No formal military education. Swift and skilled at climbing, concealment, and lockpicking. She is also noted to use offensive fel magic.
Criminal Record: Burglary, resisting arrest, escaping detention, manslaughter - Convicted and trialed in the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Assignment: [Primary]: Combatant - Spellcaster [Secondary]: Scout - Stealth

Battle-role: Ranged magical assault, support, stealth, scout

Leaves and Passes
[Leave]: from 08.08.30 - 16.08.30
[Detained]: from 24.09.30 - 30.09.30

Performance Reviews
[28.8.30] Failed anti-sha meditation. Ordered to undergo counselling under morale officer Corporal Shiiri.
[2.9.30] Recommended for commendation by Sergeant Celeste Vanimedle for quick thinking and ingenuity by using an area-of-effect fire spell to assault enemy targets heavily cloaked by mists.
[2.9.30] Failed to maintain composure and released a sha during battle with Jade Witch.

Disciplinary Record
[23.9.30] Detention: Put under detention for theft of property from Corporal Hugir Strongbrew. Stolen items included anti-sha gemstone and several silver coins.

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* = Last Chancer. Die with Honor.
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Private Saphra Emberstone*
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