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 [Thaldir] A ghost from the Past.

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[Thaldir] A ghost from the Past. Empty
PostSubject: [Thaldir] A ghost from the Past.   [Thaldir] A ghost from the Past. EmptyThu Aug 29, 2013 10:24 am

He pressed his hands to his temple, breathing slowly. In and out. In and out, trying to rid of the tremors that shook him. He gritted his teeth, and bit into his bottom lip as he squeezed his eyes shut, the silver orb like eyes vanishing from sight in the dark Dojo. Everyone else was sleeping, or so he hoped as he pressed the back of his head against the wall, trying to rid of the images flashing over his eyes.

The silver eyes. So beautiful. So wide. The full lips parted, white teeth showing underneath as the lips parted further, alowing the mouth to open in a soundless scream.

He jerked, giving a low whimper as he fought the yearning sensation tugging mercilessly at his body. It had been fifteen years. Not many, in comparison to his life span, but several years none the less. Yet the temptation was there. Right in front of his face on two legs. Twice now he had been so close. So close to giving in.
He had been angry at the draenei at first, but now he was thankful l that he had been there. Stood in the way for Thaldir to do something incredibly foolish. So in a way he was grateful. Maybe one day he'd show it to the huge hulk of a man, but for now, it would do with a silent appreciation.
He tried to cross his legs and imagine the tree again. And the flowers blooming. Right. Flowers.

The lips were parted still, trying to form words. But no sound came out. A silver tear slid down, hitting rough hands.

He grunted, pressing his hands to his temple again before abruptly getting up and walking out into the chilly night air. Maybe it was some noodle-soup left? He needed away from the others. To focus on something else. He knew these thoughts could be destructive in consideration to the sha.

Bloody sha.
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[Thaldir] A ghost from the Past.
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