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 Sergeant Elegost Dawnweaver

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Personal Information

Sergeant Elegost Dawnweaver Alliance

Name: Elegost Dawnweaver, Lord of the Eastfields, Lionheart of Arathor, Silver Raven Commander
Rank: Sergeant
Race&Gender: Human, Male
Age: 34 years old, 35 next 29th december
Place of Birth: Stratholme, Lordaeron

Prior non-military employment: Argent Dawn/Crusade, Scout and Knight
Civilian Qualifications: Master Blacksmith, Finance manager, former Minister of Justice
Prior military service: The army of Arathor: Lord-Commander, Grand Alliance: Outrider (aerial unit)
Military Qualifications: Armsmaster, Tactical skills
Criminal Record: Trialed and convicted for War Crimes by the city of Ironforge.

Assignment: [Primary] - Frontliner [Secondary] - Ranged Support
Battle-role: Frontliner, Tactician, Archer, Cavalryman.

Leaves and Passes
[Leave]: from 24.09.30 - 30.09.30

Performance Reviews
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Disciplinary Record
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Sergeant Elegost Dawnweaver
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