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 Private Elrua

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PostSubject: Private Elrua   Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:48 pm

Personal Information

Name: Elrua
Rank: Private.
Race&Gender: Female Draenei.
Age: 4.5-5k years.
Place of Birth: Telmor, Terokkar Forest, Draenor (The age and birthplace may not match entirely with known lore, but there is very little regarding how long the Draenei were on Draenor - there's a mix of information, making it a tad difficult to be totally precise)
Date of Recruitment: 10/11/30 sdp
Recruited by: Sergeant Shiiri.

Prior civilian employment:Assisted in battle in Draenor, fighting alongside the other Harbingers and other Combatants.

Civilian Qualifications: Basic Medical Techniques, minor surgery knowledge. Advanced knowledge in the art of Blacksmithing. Master Battle Combatant.

Criminal Record: None.

Prior military service: Battled against the Orcs upon Draenor, focussing on mainly defensive techniques, with the occasional offensive strikes.

Military Qualifications: Basic medical knowledge and training, Advanced Attack and Defense Training, Advanced Fitness Training. Basic Unarmed Combat Training. Note: Most medical training is non-professional, taught by a family member with further qualifications.

Battle-role: Defense/Support, Frontliner.

Background Information:
Elrua was born as the youngest of her family, looking up to her elder brother, Mahodiir, idolizing him from a very young age.  She and her family lived in peace in a small, hidden location known as Telmor, situated in the difficult plains of Terokkar Forest, protected with a powerful invisibility shield. As she became older, she was often in the company of Mahodiir, the two practically joined together at the hip (not in a literal sense), often looking out for each other in various situations.
They were both trained under their father's watchful gaze, both being fast learners. She was taught in the ways of battle, learning how to wield a one-handed weapon and shield effectively. She tried to pass on some of the knowledge to her brother, in return for his teachings of the medical techniques he learned, though it became apparent that he was suited to two-handed weapons, rather than the smaller one-handed types.

The Orcs betrayal took the whole city by surprise and Elrua jumped at the chance to help defend those she called dear, using her expertise in her defensive-type weaponry to make sure they travelled safely, all the while allowing Mahodiir to take care of any stragglers, tending to those injured on the way. She hated leaving their homeland so suddenly, but in her heart she knew, that it was for the best. She doesn't hold much hope for returning to their old home, feeling that it may prove disappointing, hearing rumours of what remains of it. She dare not tell her brother. She and her brother, along with the rest of her family fled to the Exodar, each of them surviving the crash with a couple of minor injuries and damaged ligaments.

On Azuremyst Isles, Elrua assisted her brother with healing the few survivors which they found, occasionally burying the dead, sending their souls off with an ancient prayer. In her spare time, she left to discover the new land in the company of others, eventually travelling to a place called Darkshore, where they met the Night Elves. The Draenei were soon recognised as a member of the Alliance, both she and her brother recognised for their good faith and talent in healing, moreso Mahodiir than herself.

Upon the opening of the Dark Portal, she and her brother gave their time to the Alliance troops, preparing them for the battle ahead. She offered information on the Legion, knowing what little she was told, the rest being what she witnessed through the Orc's sudden bloodlust. She forgives neither.  She later joined the Alliance forces in the Allerian Stronghold, though the location has changed dramatically since, fighting against what is known as the Firewings. She was recognised as an able fighter, strong-willed and determined to do her bit for the Militia. They offered her a position in their ranks, though she refused, resulting in her and Mahodiir being separated for a time. She left for Stormwind, accompanied with her mother, leaving Mahodiir and her father behind to do their jobs. She secured her mother a good place to live, taking an apprentiship in Blacksmithing to provide coin for the family.

She recently convinced Mahodiir to leave the Outlands, worried about the taints surrounding the area, though her father was not so keen on the idea of leaving. He chose to stay behind still, much to her disappointment. Now, they both serve under the Wild Tempest, she as an able soldier and he as a medic, though they both play their part in each respective role. She is happy to be by her brother's side once again.

Assignment(s): --leave blank--

Leaves and Passes
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Performance Reviews
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Disciplinary Record
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Other Notes
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Private Elrua
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