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 [Meta] Patient 7576

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PostSubject: [Meta] Patient 7576   [Meta] Patient 7576 EmptyFri Nov 22, 2013 12:40 am

Eloen Tenderheart... Boy... She was a character I swore I would never touch upon, and always leave in the background. I've put a lot of effort in to my many characters over the years, building their stories, building their personalities, their history, knowing what makes them tick. From the Druidess who wanted to prove she was worth something to the world, to an evil manipulating Warlock with a lustful streak, the Childish heroine seeking to bring a fairy tale ending to her peoples story, to a pious man who has lost his faith. The war weary Veteran, and the equally as tired Surrogate mother for her siblings, my characters have all had a story to tell, a reason to be, a reason to keep moving, a reason for why they are, what they are. Until now.

My greatest work, in my own opinion, has been the Tenderheart family. What started off as my attempt to recreate the Tevinter Blood Mages of Dragon Age, right down to the mannerisms of the DA universe (Serah, Messere), flourished into a story of 5 siblings, and their independent struggles throughout life. This family, played by many different people throughout the years, have all been vastly different from one another, yet all bound in blood to each other.

Some of you, have had the misfortune of meeting the youngest and perhaps the most ambitious of the Tenderhearts, Senariul. Lie after cancerous lie, Senariul has managed to drag his way to the very tops of Silvermoons food chain, back down to the bottom, and fluctuating ever since.

Others on the Horde side, may have met two of the other Tenderheart siblings, Aelrath, and Seras Tenderheart. Two Sisters trying to keep together what little remains of their families lineage, and securing their place in Silvermoons cutthroat society in the Blood Knights and the Farstriders respectively.

Some of you, may have also met the offspring of one of the Tenderheart Siblings. This Half-Breed child, played by Inran themselves, was Evelyn Tenderheart, the Half-Elf bard may have been spotted by some of you as well and remains in control of Inran to this day to play whenever they feel like it.

But that is only 4, of the Tenderheart Siblings. Seras the Eldest, Galan the third Eldest, followed by Aelrath then Senariul. What of the missing Sibling?

Eloen Tenderheart. The second of the Tenderheart siblings and perhaps the most altruistic of all of them, Eloen was born into a rich, noble family free of the impoverished lifestyle of those worse off than her, and her bloodline, and whilst it was a trait of the rich and wealthy to look upon the peasants with disdain and disgust, Eloen felt only pity and sadness. A kind hearted soul, right until the very end Eloen gave freely to others, and gave often, even if that meant a detriment to themselves.

A promising mage, and a beautiful Woman, Eloen soon became the object of her instructors desires, and despite fighting off their lewd and unwanted defences bravely, she still managed to advance through the ranks of the Magisterium despite earning the scorn of her dejected tutors.

Seras, joined the ranks of the Farstriders, Eloen, became a respected Arcanist, Galan, joined the Royal Guard as a Spellbreaker, and Aelrath devoted her time to Priestly studies, becoming a Priestess of the Holy Light. By the time Senariul was born, the Tenderheart Siblings had well and truly gotten their roots in all corners of Silvermoons life. Senariul, chose to follow in Eloens footsteps, and soon found himself accelerated quite quickly ahead of his peers due to his Sisters tutelage.

The only problem was, he was accelerated too fast. He was soon moved ahead of people his age, and moved into the more advanced classes. Lacking the base knowledge, and foundation that his new peers had, Senariul fumbled and made a mockery of himself, soon growing disheartened at the constant scorn from his lecturers and the jeers of his class mates.

Eloen had to help her little Brother, it was only right. It was her teachings that made them think him gifted, it should be her duty to fix it, make the lecturers see that he needs a little extra help, a little more coaching, a bit more personal instruction. Like all things in Silvermoon however, this would come at a cost, and not one that could be made publicly, at the risk of allegations of favouritism and corruption brewing within the Magisterium. No, a secret price had to be paid to see Senariul through his teachings, one where no money changed hands.

And so, after fighting the lecherous advances of the Magisteriums perverted hierarchy for many years, she began to trade herself to them, for the advancement of her Brother. As time passed, and Senariul became quite the child protege, Eloen found herself in more and more depraved situations. At the age of 24, some 8 years after his Sister began trading favours for his development, Senariul stumbled upon his Sister being used by several of the Magistrates. After confronting her about what he had seen, she laid the truth out to him, all of what happened, all of her reasoning, all of her agony in wanting to see her Brother do well. Distraught at hearing that his Sister had suffered so much for him, he manages to dissuade her from giving any more "favours" for his advancement, to which she agrees.

However, the psychological toll had already broken her down, and a few weeks after being discovered, Eloen takes her own life, plunging from a cliffside into the raging sea below.

She was always a footnote, a side story to Senariul as to what made him who he is today. Why despite his young age, he was above and beyond those around him in terms of skill, and despite the corruption prevalent in Silvermoons sordid politics, she was the reason he still had a sliver of morality after seeing what ruthless abuse can do to someone. She was never meant to be anything more, than a story in the back of Senariuls mind.

Writing this much about a character who was supposed to be dead however, proves that despite always saying I would never visit her, that something is brewing, and it involves a long dead character, and this mysterious Patient 7576.
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[Meta] Patient 7576
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