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 (Disbarred) Private Tuomas

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PostSubject: (Disbarred) Private Tuomas   (Disbarred) Private Tuomas EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 4:58 pm

Personal Information

Name: Tuomas*
Rank: Private
Race&Gender: Worgen Male
Age: Reportedly thirty five
Place of Birth: Gilneas

Prior non-military employment: Speaker of the Gilnean meetings; Leader or so-called Alpha of the group of Gilnean knows as Sons of  Goldrinn, under the name of Richard Blackfur; Ambassador of the Gilnean Assembly for a very short period.
Civilian Qualifications: Able to read and write, has a basic knowledge of shadow magic which he uses to stealth and empower his weapons.
Prior military service: In Gilnean Army since 16, he joined the Gilneas Liberation Front, now Greyford Company, under Commander Raenmar Alric for a six months and more service.
Military Qualifications: Scout, dagger training, basic use of shadow magic for offensive and defensive purposes.

Assignment: --leave blank--
Battle-role: --leave blank--

Performance Reviews
--Leave Blank--

Disciplinary Record
[10.7.30] Probation: "Placed on probation for attacking Master Sergeant Ashdown. Whilst this is normally an immediate Dishonourable Discharge, mitigating factors were taken into consideration, as the action was performed out of grief. As a result of this he has been stripped of rank and placed on probation until further notice." - Msg. Eodain Ashdown.
[20.7.30] Probation lifted: "Has now learned what it is like to be a soldier. No longer questions orders and carries them out without question. I am satisfied that he has learned from this experience and that it will not happen again." - Msg. Eodain Ashdown.

* = "Last Chance" Program.

Cpt. Inran of Kor'khat wrote:
Removed from Company.
Breaking a direct order during a temporarily thrown out period by following the Company to Pandaria.
(Disbarred) Private Tuomas Stormwind_64

157th 'Wild Tempest' Company
"Storming the Front"

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(Disbarred) Private Tuomas
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