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 (K.I.A) Lance-Corporal Mahodiir

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PostSubject: (K.I.A) Lance-Corporal Mahodiir   (K.I.A) Lance-Corporal Mahodiir EmptyFri Dec 06, 2013 10:25 pm

Personal Information

Name: Mahodiir

Rank: Private

Race&Gender: Draenei, male.

Age: 5631

Place of Birth: Telmor, Terokkar Forest.

Date of Recruitment: 10/11/13

Recruited by: Sergeant Shiiri

Prior civilian employment: During the battle of Draenor, he was enlisted into a privately run medical company, the purpose of this response team was to provide aid alongside the military, in an attempt to relieve pressure off them during prolonged conflicts.

Civilian Qualifications: Numerous certifications in physical and mental welfare, advanced medical training in surgery and relating processes, advanced qualifications in herbal and chemical medicinal development and processing.

Criminal Record: None.

Prior military service: Worked with the draenor response teams, a makeshift group of elder draenei fighting to protect their planet. Although they are officially a militia, they were recognised as a valuable asset to the defense forces on Draenor.

Military Qualifications: Qualifications relate to all civilian training, although military medical training has also been passed and documented.

Battle-role: Medic, also when needed a supportive frontliner.

Background information: Mahodiir was born first as the only child, before becoming the older brother, and idol, of Elrua. He and his family lived in Telmor, in the struggling plains of Terokkar Forest, surrounded in a protective bubble, known as an invisibility shield. As he grew, he showed no interest in battles, often enjoying his time with the other Draenei younglings, eventually giving that up in order to protectively watch over his younger sister. They soon become inseparable, often following one another, even in the hardest and scariest of times.

He and his sister, once old enough, trained under the watchful eye of their father. He was education in the ways of being a medic, learning different medical techniques and passing some of the knowledge to Elrua, in case she should find herself in a tricky situation. In turn, she taught him the ways of battle, though he struggled to pick up the techniques of a one handed weapon, his hands being far too large. He excelled in two-handed weaponry, including the spear.

When the Orcs turned against their people, while Elrua defended those fleeing with her mace and shield, Mahodiir made sure to pick up any of the stragglers and tend to those wounded during the trip. It saddened Mahodiir to leave Telmor behind, but knew that it was necessary. He only hopes to return one day, unknowing of the destroyed state the Orcs have left it in. He joined his sister and the rest of the Draenor on the flight of the Exodar, surviving the crash with a few broken bones, all of which have healed up, without complications.

His sister assisted him in healing the remaining survivors, Mahodiir tended to the major cases, and she the minor, though she occasionally left him for small amounts of time to go exploring. He was praised in his healing, recognised for being one of the more talented of the medics, and soon became the one the people came to first. When Elrua and others discovered the Night Elves, Mahodiir further assisted in healing, thus getting recognised, along with the rest of the Draenei, as a part of the Alliance.

When the opening of the Dark Portal became apparent, he and his sister assisted the Alliance troops in readying for battle, later joining them to help fight against the Firewings in Terokkar Forest, staying in the location known today as the Allerian Stronghold. He and Elrua received high praise for their assistance and he was offered a place as a medic, for the soldiers to rely on, should they become injured. He accepted their offer. The siblings were separated for the first time in a long time, as he stayed behind to heal and their father stayed to fight. Elrua left for Stormwind along with their mother, to take care of her and to make sure she got the accommodation they felt she deserved.

Currently, Mahodiir is stationed as a medic for the Wild Tempest, having only recently returning to Stormwind at his sisters insistence. His reasons are his own, though he is glad to have the opportunity to learn more of the Alliance and what they can offer. He is proud to be fighting at his sister's side once more.

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Leaves and Passes
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Performance Reviews
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Disciplinary Record
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Other Notes
MSgt. Eodain Ashdown wrote:
Killed in Action.
Location: Silithus
Post Mortem: No autopsy done due the body begin lost in the shadow realm.
Comments/Notes: Fell in battle during an attack of silithid and restless ghosts. His dedication and sacrifice so that other people could live on will be an example to all of us. May you now be one with the Naaru and the Light.

(K.I.A) Lance-Corporal Mahodiir Stormwind_64

157th 'Wild Tempest' Company
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(K.I.A) Lance-Corporal Mahodiir
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