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 Recruit Sharon Bjornmane

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Personal Information

Name: Sharon Mary-Thea Bjornmane
Rank: Recruit
Race&Gender: Human / Female
Age: 27 years
Place of Birth: Gilneas

Date of Recruitment: 04/01/2014
Recruited by: Recruitment Officer Bouldertoe (Keag)

Prior civilian employment: Former Apprentice Mage of passed Karein Vastheim of Kirin Tor. Part time Assistant Filer of the Sunreaver Registry Archives of Dalaran. Novice Tinker.
Civilian Qualifications:
Novice qualification in Tinkering and Technomancy.
2nd Class Scholar in the arts of Abjuration and Invocation.
1st Class Scholar in the arts of Conjuration.
Vocal Qualification for permission into extended studies of Wizardry.
Criminal Record: Fully Clear Records
Prior military service: None.
Military Qualifications: Besides the mage educations aquired, none.
Battle-role: Long Distance Combat. Battlemage.


Leaves and Passes

Performance Reviews

Disciplinary Record

Other Notes
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Recruit Sharon Bjornmane
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