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 [ Mahodiir ] Death of a proud Draenei.

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PostSubject: [ Mahodiir ] Death of a proud Draenei.   Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:43 am

Mahodiir would take one last look at his sister, knowing all to well that he would not survive this ambush.

Another sharp sting is felt, this time, unable to hold his balance, he staggers back against the wooden structure. His eyes rolling back towards the back of his skull. Sheer will to make sure his sister is still alive and fighting prevents this Draenei from falling to his knees. However..

A worgen would run behind him, apparently finding one final use for this Draenei, a shield. Mahodiirs gaze would travel back to see who the worgen was, yet is unable to see whom it is due to his eyes darkening, the wound in his chest now throbbing as it leaks blue blood.

Now his body is stinging all over, a black swarm would be eating away at his exposed flesh. Unable to move his arms or run away this Draenei can do nothing but watch and feel his very body be eaten away. His gaze turning to his sister, currently battling another swarm. Using all he can he would call out to her, only to have his words cut short as his body is thrown to the ground.

Sounds of battle and shouting are all that's heard, the  silence. The Naaru have enough mercy to grant him one last look at his sister as she begins to treat his wounds. She must know it is futile. This only brings more pain to her.  Several dark tendrils would deliver blows like a flaming whip, his body simply twitching with each blow. He knows that the end is near, yet keeps his gaze upon his sister. Fighting to see his family as long as possible before he slips away.

A kiss on his forehead. Has his sister finally realised this is it? He would try to lift his arm to wipe away her tears, however, his body would not permit this. Remaining useless.

Darkness for a brief moment, a fuzzy outline is all that is seen. Yavari? Perhaps. She would use something, nothing but burning is felt from her actions. The bleeding is stopping? Perhaps the blood has run out, not surprising.. Her attempts to keep him alive are futile, too far gone and too much lost.

He would think of his family, friends.. His sister one last time, regretting-- his final thoughts cut short as his last breath leaves his body.

His soul reaching out to the Naaru, yet nothing is felt. He will never be at one with the light. Forever trapped. For reasons only known to Yavari.

( This was written at 5:30 this morning, apologies if there are spelling mistakes and such.

Feedback would be appreciated, good or bad etc. )

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PostSubject: Re: [ Mahodiir ] Death of a proud Draenei.   Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:53 am

Sad so sad kinda misty-eyed..I'll blame that on lack of sleep though *grabs tissue*
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PostSubject: Re: [ Mahodiir ] Death of a proud Draenei.   Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:49 am

Was a shame that he met his end, and pretty bold as well.
Most roleplayers only kill of their characters if they get tired of them and want to do something new.
Mahodiir shall be missed.
An essential backbone in the task force has been severed.

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PostSubject: Re: [ Mahodiir ] Death of a proud Draenei.   

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[ Mahodiir ] Death of a proud Draenei.
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