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 [Elrua] Mourning

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PostSubject: [Elrua] Mourning   [Elrua] Mourning EmptyWed Feb 05, 2014 11:29 am


It's early hours in the morning, and still, I cannot sleep.
I am unsure on what to do... I feel lost. Hopeless. As if the Naaru has abandoned me.

What did I do?
Do I deserve to be the last one standing? To be alone?

Gazing out to the horizon, as I have done for the past five hours, I see nothing but the tall standing pillars, surrounded by thick bodied insects, similar to the ones which assisted in destroying my soul just yesterday. I sigh and turn my gaze to the floor, allowing silent tears to fall down my already burning face.

My mouth moves, but I speak no words. Low mumbling is all that escapes my vocals. I feel cold, despite the heavy armour I currently wear, covering me from my neck down to my hooves. My hands are currently clamped together and I make no move to separate them, having lost feeling in them a long time ago. I utter a lost prayer, which our mother taught us, when we were young...

O'light of the Naaru,
Our guidance unto that which is Holy,
Forever grant us peace, in life or death,
Bring us to into salvation, and protect us from Darkness,
Save us from the shadows which haunt us always,
And bless our young, with the aura that is pure.

Guide our dead into your open palms,
To the warmth that is your soul,
And watch over their essence, as they watch over us,
Embrace their achievements, as we embraced their life,
Care for our deceased, as we care for you,
May no-one be forgotten.

By the Naaru, may it be so.

I allow the words to overwhelm my senses, dropping to my knee's and leaning against the rough stone structure besides me. I rest my head against it, relishing the cold surface against my temples as I scream out in agony. I dislike appearing weak, uncontrolled, but who can blame me, in situations like these?

I failed to protect my brother, as I promised my father I would. As I promised my mother.
As I promised...Myself.

Have I failed Mahodiir?
I close my eyes, not bothering to wipe away the sanded tears from my stained cheeks. My hooves dangerously close to the edge of the hill that our current encampment resides on, giving me some sick satisfaction of risk-taking.

I know I am not truly alone; the support of others being all too clear... But I do not want pity.
I cannot bear to see those eyes of sadness which I know will follow me wherever I go.

I have made a promise to myself. I will train to become more knowledgable in treating the wounded, and I will fight in his name. I will not let him be forgotten, and my future children will know of their brave Uncle.

By Mahodiir's name, I will remain strong...
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[Elrua] Mourning
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