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 [Ara] Misadventures in Shadowmoon

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PostSubject: [Ara] Misadventures in Shadowmoon   Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:30 pm

Ara left the portal with all the grace of a drunken Dwarf on stilts. Landing face forced onto the arid ground she rolled over coughing up a coarse sand -like  grit. After a brief moment Ara made it to her  feet. After a few disorientated steps the gravity of the situation  became apparent.

In a fit of  panic Ara ran to where she presumed the portal had been. Acting like the stereotypical blondes she had always mocked,Ara pawed at the air hoping by some miracle to reopen the portal.

After several moments of  idiocy Ara resolved herself to escaping the current situation. The  tainted landscape of Shadowmoon  lay in front of her .Ara picked up her mace and shield  before cautiously advancing.

Painfully aware of her surroundings Ara inched forword.Her heart beat as loudly as an Orcish war drum in her chest and that sound alone sickened her. Finding a small secluded outcrop for a much needed rest could not have come at a better time. The taint here worried her to the extent that she foolishly sought  to move as fast as she could least she succumb to corruption.
While at rest she decided to block out the hopelessness of her situation and focus on her friends and how to stay alive long enough to return safely. Her revelry was over as soon as it had begun as her body instinctively sprung into a defensive stance.

The hissing  that roused Ara from her rest now had her in a fit of paranoia brandishing her mace in all directions. She could not lock onto any sight of a  creature or the source of the sound, it seemed to be everywhere. Thinking better  of confronting an unknown foe Ara backed away slowly facing what she  deemed the vicinity of the sound..

For the second  time that day the ground  seemed to rise up and greet Ara’s face with  a thud. Panic quickly set in as she felt  intense pressure on her leg. It seems her adversary had found her ,at least  the hissing had stopped. With a turn of her head panic quickly gave way to an unbridled surge of  rage.
Some sort of ghost like serpent was coiling  around her leg and the increasing  pressure was too much to bare.
Ara struck down at the beast slamming her mace into  it’s ethereal form again and again until it went  limp. Laying on the ground weakened and in  agony  she tried to survey the damage yet found herself unable to move. The last thing she noticed before being engulfed by darkness was the elongated fangs protruding from the serpent’s mandible.

Ara  awoke to a blurry world of searing heat and agony. Unable to  see  if the sun had infact  risen Ara tested her limbs. Barely able to function she took to  crawling  back to the outcrop in search of cover only to find yet more of the local wildlife ready to greet her.
The Bore lowered  it’s head and gored Ara as she tried to roll her ruined body to one side. Screaming  only seemed to encourage the beast. Somehow Ara managed to goad the beast into charging her once more this time however  it struck the  outcrop and triggered a rockslide in which itself was claimed.

Laying still a while longer Ara started to drag herself clear and tend to her wounds as best she could. If the company did mount a rescue they’d either find her half dead or know that at least she never stopped trying.
After what seemed like an eternity Ara had fashioned a makeshift splint for herself and noticing a nearby light In the distance decided it best to head for higher ground to signal the others.
Time seemed to lose all meaning looking behind on occasion  Ara cursed herself for her limp leg leaving a trail. She limped on, every sound every imagined motion seen out of the corner of her eye was catching up with Ara.The sheer  maddening fact that  she had miles to go and had been  walking for  what seemed like a week already and the hillside was as far away as ever.
While leaning against  a boulder a sudden sound of falling scree drew her eyes  to a high rise in the distance.
Spotting no apparent threat  she caught her breath  before pressing on before being  knocked back by an incredible force. Landing  against  a boulder she let out an agonising scream before digging deep and looking for the source of the attack. Landing  back on the  rise  she saw a looming black shape from which a mocking laughter seemed to come.
This was it thought Ara  cut down by some demonic bastard.
Her foe swooped down from the rise and began toying with the crippled Ara..She  fought tooth and nail but could do nothing.

Outmatched and wounded Ara tried to remain upright but fell to her knees sobbing as the strain was too much. The demon burst into a fit of mocking laughter seeing it’s opponent defeated. Claiming that Ara was too pathetic to die at his hands the demon revealed it’s actual form before ascending it’s perch once again allowing two of it’s summoned minions to finish Ara.
Seeing as this was it  Ara prepared herself for one last  fight.
As the pair approached Ara she let out one last string of profanities and unleashed a  torrent of energy engulfing her attackers before falling  face first onto the ground.
Her true enemy nowhere to be seen.
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[Ara] Misadventures in Shadowmoon
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