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 How Ara Met Sav

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How Ara Met Sav Empty
PostSubject: How Ara Met Sav   How Ara Met Sav EmptyThu Feb 06, 2014 10:55 pm

<brain's a little messed up atm going to do this in parts to try and help get the main bits>

Part 1:

Ara ‘s eyes slowly fluttered open beholding a ruined ceiling. To her  amazement she was still alive and back home. Straining her head she could make out  two figures Mahidor and his Sister El.The pair were still blurry but no mistaking it was them.
Ara tried to move ,barely managing to raise her head before the medics tried to calm her and urged her to remain still. The medic calmly  explained that his course of treatment left her immobile and that moving would do more harm than good at this stage.

The pair smiled before some commotion from the adjoining room called them away. Shortly after the pair returned with Nih.Ara tried her best to sit and act normal in front of the trio but could still barely muster the power to speak. Managing to give a slight  account of  her time in Shadowmoon, naturally omitting the demon’s jibes and falsehoods  Ara was shocked to learn that over a week had past.
Her prognosis was not good despite  the gallant efforts of the surgeon and his sister Ara was told she would be unable to walk unassisted for some time and would not be fit for duty for sometime.

Days past the only thing keeping her sanity intact was the conversations with Nih and scheduled visits from her doctor. When they spoke Ara was distressed to learn of Nih’s misfortune while recovering others from The Legion’s grasp in Shadowmoon.Her poor friend had almost dammed herself at one stage during the mission, a fact that sent a chill through Ara’s very soul.

While speaking to Nih Ara was informed of a new Campaign the Company had to embark on.Angered by her inability to follow her comrades Ara  spent the next few days stewing in her own bitterness before leaving her bed to wander the Draenic city.

Day by day Ara made her way  to more and more of the city, making  a note to pay attention to the local Scryer quarter’s Sin Dori population for familiar faces, of which there were none.
One day  Ara  accidentally  met a man introducing himself as Saveli as she paid her respects at Thelos’s old quarters upon The Rise.

Ara could tell the man was interested in something and feared the worst. Proclaiming that whatever Save had just said to be an ecumenical matter  Ara bowed and made her way back to the infirmary.
A few days past and Ara could have sworn she heard talk of her Company’s  return.Against her better judgment she made her way back to The Rise where she was met by Sav once more.This time he hailed her in Common and  directed her to a chamber  on The Rise.

Inside the chamber  Ara watched with pride as she bore witness to Nih finally achieving her dream and ascending to the rank of  Vindicator. All inside watched  the once dammed creature that had been Nih take  her place  as a  proper Vindicator after years of exclusion from the Light.
Before the ceremony concluded Sav leaned over pointed at Nih and whispering  ever so slightly in Ara’s ear “That is one who is muched loved amongst us and worthy of it…and who you should aspire to be like Ara”..With that Sav left the chamber.Ara  spent the rest of the ceremony  huddled in the corner thinking if this is what the demon had meant and if Sav was connected to it.

After the celebration Sav reared his ugly head finding Ara alone looking out over the city as the others were off drinking. Having Ara alone Sav started  probing her defences after sometime of  “chit chat” Ara snapped and confronted him demanding he either shut up or speak his mind.
With that Sav listed a series of irregularities  he had noticed about her.
Seeming he was satisfied with her responses he eventually relented and offered to help Ara aspire to reclaim her lost heritage by teaching her ,her mother tongue and in time to commune with the light.
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How Ara Met Sav
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