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 Early History [Around the world, Patch 5.0-5.2]

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Early History [Around the world, Patch 5.0-5.2] Empty
PostSubject: Early History [Around the world, Patch 5.0-5.2]   Early History [Around the world, Patch 5.0-5.2] EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 4:43 pm

Quote :
Wild Tempest began as a paramilitary group by Admiral Taylor in Kun-Lai summit, recruiting from local Pandaren, Alliance adventurers and survivors of destroyed units. After the landing of the Alliance Fleets and Operation: Jade Fist, Wild Tempest was incorporated into the Grand Alliance military structure and made into a multiracial company. The company later fell into ruin after the Reclamation of Stromgarde, falling to an forsaken ambush and losing majority of its members. Several months later, a former 7th Legion Lieutenant reassembled the survivors and took the company as her own to lead it to new glory.

Since then, the company have flourished. Soon after the reform, the company left to a recruitment mission through the eastern Northrend Alliance bases for recruits. In addition for finding several able men from the frozen wastes, Wild Tempest assisted in a pirate problem just off the coast of Westguard Keep by sinking one of the two pirate ships and claiming the other one as their own, sailing back to Stormwind with a crew loaned from Valgarde.

Early History [Around the world, Patch 5.0-5.2] Tdwwxf11

Leaving their new vessel to the shipyard for modifications the company turned their attention to the heating conflict of Alterac Valey and Tol Barad. Traveling through the continent, the company was ambushed one more time by a Horde raiding party shortly after their arrival to Arathi Highlands. Unlike in the past however, Wild Tempest emerged victorious and made their way to Hillsbrad Foothills and from there to Alterac Valey. The combined forces of the Alliance emerged victorious, both from the Alterac Valey and Tol Barad conflict. Wild Tempest returned to Stormwind shortly after with the assistance of skilled mages and portal-magic to see their Pirate-ship-turned-a-Battleship "The Stormbringer".

Recorded by: -A nameless scribe-

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Early History [Around the world, Patch 5.0-5.2]
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