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 Mercenary Muiryul Shadesprocket

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PostSubject: Mercenary Muiryul Shadesprocket   Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:23 pm

Personal Information

Name: Muiryul Shadesprocket
Rank: Mercenary
[b]Race&Gender: Gnome Female
[b]Age: 37
[b]Place of Birth: Gnomeregan

[b]Date of Recruitment: 3rd Feb 2014
[b]Recruited by: Lieutenant Zibble Fiddlecog

[b]Prior civilian employment: Worked as a doctors assistant.
[b]Civilian Qualifications: Nurse.
[b]Criminal Record: None
[b]Prior military service: Joined the Argent Crusade during the build up to heading to Northrend and later fought as part of the Ashen Verdict
[b]Military Qualifications: two handed sword, heavy armour, sword and board.
[b]Battle-role: Frontline, first aid.

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Leaves and Passes
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Performance Reviews
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Disciplinary Record
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Other Notes
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Mercenary Muiryul Shadesprocket
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