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 Mission in the North [Northrend, Patch 5.2]

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Mission in the North [Northrend, Patch 5.2] Empty
PostSubject: Mission in the North [Northrend, Patch 5.2]   Mission in the North [Northrend, Patch 5.2] EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 4:47 pm

Quote :
Mission in the North [Northrend, Patch 5.2] 14p6eb10
(the company Warship "Stormbringer I". Destroyed during the Mission in the North)

The company set sail towards Northrend soon after return from a Campaign in Southern Lordaeron, transporting a group of explorers to the frozen wastes with them, being on a mission to salvage Titan technology from Storm Peaks to refit into Alliance Military use.

Going through Valgarde and leaving the explorers there, the Tempest sailed then to the coast of Grizzly Hills and left "The Stormbringer" in anchor while the brave soldiers of the company set a camp further to the land. They were greeted by the remnants of the Scourge, who harassed the company during their stay in area by attacking a party at Westfall Brigade Encampment, a scouting group and sunk their Battleship "The Stormbringer" in a grand naval battle against spectral sailors and a Lich. Already considering to leave the continent for their difficulties with the Scourge, the company received unexpected aid from a Dragon of the Blue Dragonflight, who agreed to protect them from the Scourge if the company were to aid it with a problem it required external aid with. Aiding the dragon, the Company and the explorers that had rejoined forces with made their way to the Storm Peaks. In their search for Titan technology, the group stumbled to a sealed lab of the late Senator of Innovation of Ironforge, Tjib. Guided by his former employee, they cleared their way through the horrors of the laboratories and salvaged much useful information and technology.

Recorded by: -A nameless scribe-
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Mission in the North [Northrend, Patch 5.2]
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