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 Tempest Mascot Hariel

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Personal Information

Name: Hariel " The Mascot "

Rank: Tempest Mascot!

Race&Gender: Night Elf, Male

Age: 340 Years

Place of Birth: Astranaar

Date of Recruitment: ?/12/30 sdp

Recruited by: Corporal Nihilia

Prior civilian employment: Herbalist, researching various plantation properties for Poultices and Salves, for later use.

Civilian Qualifications: N/A

Criminal Record: Trespassing on Private Locations

Prior military service: None

Military Qualifications: None

Battle-role: Scout / Infiltration

Background Information: Hariel began with a regular childhood, beginning his life-journey within Astranaar as a youngling. He showed great promise in the schools of Nature, his abilities growing as he did, so too did his interests in the land he survived in, and the Animal Spirits which brought peace to the Elves and their homeland.

Upon his coming of age, Hariel entered training to become a Druid, one who sought the wisdom of the various animalistic spirits which he idolized. It was through this training that he met his first and only friend, a female Elf who shared his interests and enjoyed his company.

The two bonded quickly, and they often separated from the other young Druids-to-be to learn in their own private ways of what it meant to be one with the spirits and how to truly honour them and their ways. As much as they enjoyed their sessions, they were also to be their undoing. Hariel's undoing.
One particular night, they sneaked away into the wildlife, expanding their training in partnership. Unfortunately, a lone, wild cat also found that area to be a place to prowl and quickly attacked the two Elves. Hariel's friend was killed.

As an act of revenge, he fought back, killing the cat in his path and spent the night mourning the passing of his partner feeling abandoned, weak and ashamed. Days passed after the encounter before Hariel decided to arrange a private council with the Elder Druids. He came to understand that the Cat was acting not out of hatred or as an act of evil, but out of instinct. Mortified, Hariel chose to follow the path of the Feline spirits, to repent for his actions and to better learn the ways of the species.


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Other Notes
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Tempest Mascot Hariel
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