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 Justice and Vengeance [Stormwind Region, patch 5.4]

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Keag Strongbrew

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Justice and Vengeance [Stormwind Region, patch 5.4] Empty
PostSubject: Justice and Vengeance [Stormwind Region, patch 5.4]   Justice and Vengeance [Stormwind Region, patch 5.4] EmptyMon Apr 14, 2014 11:35 am

Quote :
Already during the Northrend campaign had Private Yavari deserted the ranks of the unit, after being confronted why she held the soul of the fallen Corporal Mahodiir prisoner..
Yet only when the Northrend campaign was done, was the unit tasked with hunting her. Besides being a deserter, the reason for this mission was because she had proven to be outright hostile to her former colleagues. Kidnapping and mind-controlling Lieutenant Strongbrew and another failed attempt to do so to another soldier, private Hariel.

The ranks of the task force were divided. While most remained loyal and true to the cause of the Alliance and justice, some seemed to harbor sympathies for the deserter still, even as worse to deserting themselves and aid in sabotaging the unit.
However, it was not long until the culprit her hideout was located, a tower in the windy Westfall. Under command of Sergeant Elrua a Tempest squad stormed the building. As the squad fought the shadowy monsters the deserter had summoned, Yavari escaped however by magical means. Only after her shadowy minion was banished to it's vile home in the Shadow realm, however by accident.. Sergeant Elrua and the mascot, Hariel were dragged with..

After a lot of pondering, the Lieutenant decided to take the risk. Joined by a handful of others, he set out into the nearly suicidal Shadow realm to, in attempt to rescue their comrades. The mission succeeded, yet the Shadow realm had proven to be a horrible, horrible place. Not only was the unit physically battered and reeking of shadow, for some the emotional damage was the worst. After being confronted with their worst nightmares taking shape.

The soldiers tried their very best to find a trail on Yavari her new hideout, a pair even descending into the mad bowels of the dreaded Underforge in hopes of obtaining useful information. Yet, to no avail.
The Tempest send out letters to a many mages of reknown, hoping they could be of aid in scrying and divining the location of the deserter.
The famed Archmage Arenfel Serentyne answered the call, and was eager to help. All was in place, the Archmage would locate her, and the unit would storm and capture her. Sadly, before all this could to be. A deal was struck between Spymaster Helmut Spoon and the deserter.

The deal commanded Task Force: Wild Tempest to stop the hunt and continue back to completing regular missions. However, Yavari remains a criminal. And because of that remains a wanted person.
Soldiers of the Tempest were still allowed to hunt her in their own time. Off duty, and as long it does not interfere with their missions.

With that the mission came to a halt, or perhaps a pause? Most were not pleased with this news, however orders are orders.

Justice and Vengeance [Stormwind Region, patch 5.4] Stormwind_64

Task Force: Wild Tempest
"Storming the Front"

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Justice and Vengeance [Stormwind Region, patch 5.4]
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