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 Civilian Elgorion

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Personal Information

Civilian Elgorion Alliance
Replace image above with a picture of your character, if you have a picture.

Name: Elgorion
Rank: Recruit
Race&Gender: Male Worgen
Age: Unknown, following the events of Gilnaes records of Elgorion where lost.
Place of Birth: Gilneas or proximity.

Date of Recruitment: 18/april/14sdp
Recruited by: Sergeant, Xildon X. T. Tinkertron

Prior civilian employment: Apprentice of a wandering druid. Name and Identity yet to be discovered.
Civilian Qualifications: Hasn't enjoyed much eduction outside the ways of a druid. Perhaps he has learned in Gilneas but thats still covered in the mist of memories.
Criminal Record: I have no knowledge of such record.
Prior military service: Soldier of Gilneas (records incomplete)
Military Qualifications: No official Military Qualifications
Battle-role: No preference yet

Assignment(s): --leave blank--

Leaves and Passes
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Performance Reviews
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Disciplinary Record
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Other Notes
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Civilian Elgorion
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