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 Zarek Magnum

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PostSubject: Zarek Magnum   Zarek Magnum EmptyMon Apr 21, 2014 9:52 am

Personal Information

Zarek Magnum Commission___zarek_magnum_by_epantiras-d39o58g

Name: Zarek Magnum
Rank: current military rank
Race&Gender: Human male
Age: age, 32
Place of Birth: Unknown

Date of Recruitment: day/month/30 sdp
Recruited by: rank, first and last name of the recruiting officer

Prior civilian employment: Blackwater Raider, Freelance Mercenary, Blades for Hire Mercenary Company
Civilian Qualifications: First Aid Training, Alchemy. cooking.
Criminal Record: None Known
Prior military service: 7th Legion Pendragon Company
Military Qualifications: Weapon proficiency, marksman training.
Battle-role: Front-line Combatant

Assignment(s): --leave blank--

Leaves and Passes
--Leave Blank--

Performance Reviews
--Leave Blank---

Disciplinary Record
--Leave Blank--

Other Notes
--Leave Blank--
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Zarek Magnum
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