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 An unofficial letter -20.10.32

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An unofficial letter -20.10.32 Empty
PostSubject: An unofficial letter -20.10.32   An unofficial letter -20.10.32 EmptySun Oct 19, 2014 10:20 pm

The envelope would appear blank with a Darnassian seal. The letter within reads:

Captain Inran, Commander of the 157th Wild Tempest Company,

I write to you on an urgent – but personal – matter. Please, do not regard this letter as a formal decree, and I would appreciate your discretion. In the coming days you will recieve a captive, and this captive is my niece.

The reports will tell you of a deranged and rabid druid and her many cases of violence. Her most recent attack makes me believe that a trial will have her confined to a cell. Not only is she unable to speak for herself, but none other than I would step up to stand in her defence. Confinement will surely mean her death, which is why I will attempt to circumvent this trial through the decree of Last Chancers, enshrined within the Call to Arms act. This does not mean the court will not have a say on the matter, but at that point she should already have arrived in Stormwind. The current situation in the Eastern Kingdoms should not leave any window open to have the decision reverted.

I will make sure she is escorted under proper supervision. Her arrival at the Stormwind Harbour should be expected within the coming week. You will understand the nature of the situation when you meet her. Communication might be a problem, but there are always ways to get around that. At first you will surely think her crazy, but in time you will come to see her true potential.

Arral Sunthorn
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An unofficial letter -20.10.32 Empty
PostSubject: Re: An unofficial letter -20.10.32   An unofficial letter -20.10.32 EmptyThu Oct 23, 2014 5:26 pm

The criminal record would amount to a hefty pile of paper held together by a thick thread of linen cloth.

Criminal record:

* Two charges of assault against an Officer
* Three charges of resisting arrest
* Hostile and inappropriate behavior
* Improper use of natural magic

A collection of notes appear attached to her charges. Some appear to pertain to her charges while others lack place and context.

The search finished in the upper east corners of Ashenvale. The total of three Kalodrei bodies were found, said to resemble the members of the Farmoon family. It was a gruesome scene. By the look they have been lying here for weeks, which did not appear to come as a surprise to the local sentinel guard. The Farmoon family, she told me, always kept to themselves. She also noted that there should be four of them, which makes me believe one of their children must have escaped the perpetrator. I will conduct a search party tomorrow in and around the scene. A local priest of Elune has agreed to have the family buried.

Meodan Wintersong – 20/4/-97

We did not find a child which leaves me to conclude that the sentinel guard might have been wrong. I will not spend resources on pure speculation. No files are kept on these children and nothing other than rumors note that there should be two of them. I will conclude this case tomorrow and report to my supervisors in Darnassus.  

Meodan Wintersong – 22/4/-97

A shapeshifter taken the form of a bear has been reported to have stalked fellow Kaldorei habited close to Orendil. According to the local inhabitants she has been hostile to both young and old Kaldorei. I have deployed sentinels to have the girl brought in for questioning.

Thamrea Bladestriker – 18/7/32

Earlier today one of my sentinels brought word that they had indeed found the girl, but was unable to retain her. As a bear she had managed to wound one and incapacitate another. My plan is to increase the current group located in Orendil by five. I realize the shapeshifter is troubled, but we cannot have her roaming around any towns in this state.

Thamrea Bladestriker – 09/8/32

We finally managed to capture the shapeshifter, but two of my sentinels suffered wounds in the process. Ever since we had her locked up she has been wailing. It is unbearable. I will contact a local alchemist tomorrow for something to ease her condition.

Thamrea Bladestriker – 02/10/32
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An unofficial letter -20.10.32
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