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 Description of Mission Reports (read before posting)

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PostSubject: Description of Mission Reports (read before posting)   Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:48 pm

Campaign Files and Mission Reports are documents filed during the course of Campaigns and mission chains that are deliver on the Captain's table during the course of the Campaign.

-Open threads are files that reside on the Captain's table, accessible to Officers of the unit (and Soldiers who are bold enough to sneak in while the Captain/Officers are not present).

-Locked threads are files that have been moved in the Alliance Military Archives in Stormwind, accessible with sufficient military permissions.

All information in the thread can be considered In Character. However note that not all reports may be written in roleplaying form (IC) and may include Out of Character wording and pictures.

When making a report
Please use [quote][/quote} code to make the Report appear as written on a sheet of paper.
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Description of Mission Reports (read before posting)
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