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 Simple Letter to Elegost Dawnweaver

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Simple Letter to Elegost Dawnweaver Empty
PostSubject: Simple Letter to Elegost Dawnweaver   Simple Letter to Elegost Dawnweaver EmptyThu Oct 23, 2014 9:44 pm

From: Recruit Annarith Starweaver
To: Master Sergeant Elegost Dawnweaver
Date: October 23
Subject: Summarization drill and training Ideas

As requested, I have put the previously mentioned drill and training ideas onto paper and summarized them to the best of my ability.

Suggested by you:

Target Practice - Self Explanatory.

Fist Fights - Presumably to train people for last-resort scenarios in which all other weaponry lost its advantage and/or accessibility.

Duels - Self Explanatory.

Personal suggestions:

Interracial duels - Allow individuals to both learn their advantages and disadvantages against members of a certain race. Height, equipment, speed and so forth will save lives when individuals can properly estimate these.

Contests - Both against and with people you have had little experience with before, it will allow individuals to shape bonds and learn about one's character which will be a lifesaver in battles to come. From an officer standpoint, it will allow them to experience who are suited for missions together and/or specific assignments.

Marksmanship - Ranged target practice in various situations, examples being at dusk, dawn, midnight with weapon variations such as shortbows, longbows, guns, &c.

Close Combat - Suggested variations being indoors, open landscapes, forest, tundra, hills. Weapon variations from daggers, swords, axes, maces, &c. Time variations from dusk till dawn, midnight and if possible, weather conditions such as rain, mist, thunder, &c.

Mounted Combat - Difficult due to interracial membership, offer lessons on the different animals used. Explain the differences so that members may not be able to ride them, but are knowledgeable of them regardless. Pit certain mounts against another but watch out for creature affinity in the case of horses and hippogryphs.

To add a closing suggestion for the time being; Utilize the different terrains and weather conditions as much as possible, contests do not all have to be about direct confrontation. Can be about investigating, scouting while remaining unseen, following tracks, crudely drawn maps, escorting VIP's safely through out regions or acquiring specific objects.

Signed: Recruit Annarith Starweaver
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Simple Letter to Elegost Dawnweaver
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