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 Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14

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Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14 Empty
PostSubject: Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14   Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14 EmptyFri Oct 31, 2014 3:10 pm

Quote :
Subject: The Blue Lioness - First inspection and progress report.
Inspected by: Annarith Starweaver

Captain, Sergeant(s),

As commanded, the commandeered Siege Engine or as she was dubbed, the Blue Lioness (referred to as BL from now on) has received the first of the several layers of blue, paint provided by the minister of magic at the time. The captured Iron Horde has not spoken or acted against the orders though while the extra pair of hands certainly are speeding things up, I must question how long we'll make use of this source of labor. The constant threat and manpower it costs to watch him constantly may cost us in the long run.

Moving on, I have taken the liberty to inspect the vehicle further to get a better idea of what it is capable of, what it can withstand and how to operate it efficiently. Having been around and inside of siege tanks, I am able to recognize the functions partially, yet having never handled one before acquiring it, a great deal remains a mystery for now.

From what I have gathered, the siege engine as suspected requires three people to operate. The steering and handling seems relatively easy but I will require more experience to fully learn what she can do and perhaps more importantly, what she can't do. Sadly I was unable to find a manual under the driver's seat and as such I wonder if we have any siege engineers within Wild Tempest? Their knowledge and experience will undoubtedly prove useful.

Which brings us to the second person, I have chosen Inlaei to man the actual gun of the BL. It seems to have a single, main gun of unknown caliber with ammunition designed specifically for siege engines of the Iron Horde. I think we can overcome this problem by either replicating said ammunition or adjusting the design of the siege engine if possible; From a first impression, the BL seems likely to be used in land operations rather then anti-aerial defenses. Beyond this main gun, it seems to be lacking side guns and or anti-infantry weaponry which would explain why we were able to storm it rather easily. I am not settled on it yet, but it may have been plotted to be used from range and a backup siege machine to support infantry by laying down suppressive fire.

Last but not least, Kyryi was dubbed engine mechanic. LB does not operate on steam like our own siege engines; It operates on coal or possibly other fossil fuel types. Looking back at the assault and the commandeering of LB, I dread to think what would have happened if we had kept riding onward beyond The Harborage. The heat seems regulated through several valves in some way, it possibly has a pump to blow more or less oxygen from outside at the fire to build up the heat required. I sadly do not know more at this time, but I can only assume the tank is slow to start due to the engine and fuel types, but once the heat builds up and it starts moving, it can reach devastating speeds. We will have to experiment the limits of LB but given the nature of the fuel type, I am hereby requesting the permission to either purchase fire and heat resistant clothing, to have it tailored to the squad or to otherwise have gear enchanted or provided by Wild Tempest in case of engine failure.

I do not dare to endanger the crew that volunteered to be under my lead, as such, I will not take the LB out for testing runs before such clothing is acquired; I will try to figure things out with the LB in a "quiet" state. I have yet to fully grasp the mechanics and controls both outside or in but I dare to write that it looks promising.

Recruit Annarith Starweaver
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Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14   Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14 EmptyFri Oct 31, 2014 3:54 pm

Quote :
Permission to acquire fire and heat resistant clothing granted. File the following details to be sent to the Quartermaster and the required clothing will be provided by the next supply shipment.

Continue work with the siege tank and write if you find out more about the vehicle. The information of the machine functionality can be used to counter and sabotage Iron Horde siege-weaponry of similar type.

< An empty form is enclosed with the note back, being a document with the Captain's stamp already on it, awaiting details as sizes of the fire protective clothing to be filled before it is ready to be sent to the Quartermaster >

Captain Inran of Kor'khat
Commander of the Company

Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14 Stormwind_64
157th 'Wild Tempest' Company
"Storming the Front
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Blue Lioness Inspection & Progress Report 31-10-14
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