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 Report to Lieutenant "Dead Eye" Salara

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Report to Lieutenant "Dead Eye" Salara Empty
PostSubject: Report to Lieutenant "Dead Eye" Salara   Report to Lieutenant "Dead Eye" Salara EmptyFri Oct 31, 2014 3:20 pm

Quote :
Subject: Battle Aftermath M-B-M Report
By: Recruit Annarith Starweaver


I have taken the liberty to compile a report to offer further insight into the battle of 29-10-14, the Iron Horde scout encampment. In case of further developments leading to a court case, I stand by this report. I wished to hand it to you in person but have been unable to do so, I trust this reaches you well.

See attached pages below.

Recruit Annarith Starweaver

First Page.

Second Page.
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Report to Lieutenant "Dead Eye" Salara
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