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 Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation.

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Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation. Empty
PostSubject: Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation.   Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation. EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 2:31 pm

Elena Volodina wrote:
The radio I can build has a range of about half a kilometer, weighs weighs about a kilogram, has three different radio channels and a power-core life of twenty hours continuous use. It allows users to communicate over short distances. Effective even through thick cover or the walls of buildings and caverns. It will be designed to provide secure integrated voice, data services to dismounted soldiers, individual vehicles and command HQs up to division level. Depending on the decision of the captain and council we can begin to create such devices for individual soldiers, what make it more time-consuming and expensive or create a single device with a larger range and assign them to the troops, which will give to us a new specializations in the military - radio operators. This solution reduces the cost and time of production.
As regards the materials, production consumes mainly copper, other elements are only additives, such as housing or resistors in comparison to the main component their costs are negligible.

When it comes to the other innovation and ideas. In the area of our activities there are rich deposits of Thorium. As you know, you can use it as a source of energy, much more efficient than fossil fuels. With suitably modified engines in our vehicles, which would require a bit of work and experiments we could save a lot of finances using available resources around us. It will be useful not only during the fight against the invaders but also when they will be pushed back on the other side of the portal. It is logical that the alliance wants to protect the entire region and to do this, we need machines which needs fuel.
While on the topic of Thorium. This metal combines the weight of lead with the strength of steel. Thorium armor is amazingly heavy and strong — only adamantite pierces it with any degree of reliability. I do not recommend the use of this material at the flying machines mostly because Thorium is heavier than most metals. An item made from thorium weighs twice as much as the same item made from other metals. But thanks to is strength, as mentioned earlier it is ideal for tanks armor and other heavy siege-engines.
Other things we can do with Thorium:
Stoneshield Potion - I do not know much about it, but with a skilled alchemists we can get a potion, which greatly enhance the strength of our soldiers.
Arcane Bomb - I was working on them for a while, production can be started anytime when ordered, very effective against any casting units. It drains mana from those in the blast radius and returns it as a pure damage to the target.
Beside that we can easily use them to equip our troops with Thorium grenade and start production of Thorium shells.

The last suggestion is prototype spinal injector, an armor modification which allows potions applications directly to the body when you press a button. This should make life easier for our soldiers, especially when they are wounded and under heavy fire. A single movement of the hand and the painkiller starts to work, without the need to search for the vials with the appropriate mixture when seconds can decide about their lives. The prototype is ready, with a volunteer for testing and reasonable alchemist we can make it work.

signed - Pvt. Elena Volodina.

(Along with the report there are blueprints with estimated production time by one person for these and list of materials needed together with the cost estimate. )
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Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation.   Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation. EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 4:55 pm

Cpt. Inran of Kor'khat wrote:
Sergeant Phineas Black. It was in your interest to suggest technological advancement in 157ths equipment. Are you still able to work to forward projects as this?

As for the suggestions listed:
-Radio of mentioned properties can be used
-Making use of the Thorium ore in the area can be done.
-Stoneshield Potion, if the Company have a skilled alchemist with them can be done.
-Arcane Bomb/Thorium Grenades/Thorium shells can and should be crafted and used if the materials are easily acquirable and we have someone who is able to create such things.
-Spinal Injector can be done (though due to it nature is recommended as "optional" equipment).

In short, all of the above are given permission to create and develop. In regarding the radio however (due to cost reasons) such devices should be attached to siege-engines/gyrocopters, but with our current funding spreading such devices as standard equipment among all soldiers is not possible.

Building a single/several large-range radio device to be taken with a team moving out however is something that could be considered. Individual radio devices, if developed, will remain in officer hands to be able to direct the Tanks/Gyrocopters/Teams through it.

Our military funding is currently nonexistent so any projects will have to go with materials we are able to salvage from environment, liberate from the hands of the enemy, or by acquire external funding to buy the required materials.

Captain Inran of Kor'khat
Commander of the Company

Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation. Stormwind_64
157th 'Wild Tempest' Company
"Storming the Front
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Report from Elena Volodina on electronics innovation.
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