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 Letter for Shiiri from Nihilia

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PostSubject: Letter for Shiiri from Nihilia   Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:24 am

[The letter is sealed with the utmost care and with the seal of the alliance army, very formal]

[The envelope that contains it state that it was sent by Nihilia]

[The letter itself however is written in draenic and rather harshly with a shaky calligraphy, as per usual with Nihilia. It is soon to be read that this time around the context is much different]

Sergeant Nihilia wrote:

Hail, sister

I write to you from the front with grief and bent spirit, for Inran has fallen.

Under her guidance we both found the roots of our potential and much more: a friend.
She cared for us and listened to our pain, our needs. Even when she could not.

Now it's our turn.

You served her for even longer than I did and thus I humbly ask you to lead her to the Naaru.
For you share and understand the pain the Wild Tempest is bearing, for you are and always will be our comrade.

I humbly ask to your fellow anchorites to bring the body to the Exodar, where we hope you could handle the ceremony.
I also humbly ask for you to be available on sunday, where we hoped the ceremony could be held. If your obligations demands otherwise, we can of course arrange a more proper time, either trough these letters or by person. We can meet at Stormwind if you wish to, as the unit have portals available for us to travel back and forth. The envelope has the position the unit and I are currently stationed in, too.

I hope you are well and still under the Naaru's wise light
Yours, Sergeant Nihilia of the 157┬░unit Wild Tempest.

157th 'Wild Tempest' Company
"Storming the Front"

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PostSubject: Re: Letter for Shiiri from Nihilia   Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:02 pm

((sorry, but I cant help replying like this))

[The letter is not really sealed.]

[The envelope that contains it state that it was sent by Shiiri]

[The letter itself however is written in draenic and quite well with elegant handwriting, as per usual with Shiiri.]

Quote :

Hail, sister.

Your letter brings grave news indeed. Death of one such as her is always tragic.
As to your request, I am honored by it. I shall be available on Sunday, or any other day if need be. And I shall send for the body, as you ask. Finally, I will also make my way to your camp as soon as I can, for it is best that we discuss this in person.

May the Light embrace you.
Anchorite Shiiri
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Letter for Shiiri from Nihilia
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