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 [Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith

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[Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith Empty
PostSubject: [Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith   [Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith EmptySun Dec 21, 2014 12:11 am

The rain was pouring down and the shelter Blake's carriage roof provided did not prevent him from getting soaked, and in spite of his best efforts his hat was blown right off of his head from a sudden gust of wind.

To his far right, a woman was busy plastering a poster onto the wall. For a second Blake would find himself curiously occupied by her desperate attempt.
What matter could possibly be so important that an elderly woman would trouble herself in the midst of such a horrendous storm?
[Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith Roofs_of_Gilneas

Seemingly out of nowhere an identical poster flew right into his face and Blake pulled the horse's reins, to the animal's dismay.
"Seeking skilled carpenters and masons for Gilneas' contribution to the wonders of our kingdom.
Workers are payed handsomly - apply at nearest goverment office between the hou-"

The rest of the ink was smeared away from the rain and Blake would get back to his business in a hurry.

Having processed his business, he went to the inn located nearby and had it not been for the storm he would have been on his way home to be with his wife and sons.
[Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith %D0%98%D0%B3%D1%80%D1%8B-%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BD%D0%B0-%D1%82%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BA%D1%82%D0%B8%D1%80-%D0%BA%D0%B0%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BA-694933
Smith was sitting in his usual corner starring at the bottom of his mug, most likely wondering whether he should find the courage to ask for another brew on his tab or not.

"Watson!?" Smith managed to yell across the premises
"What in all that is holy brings you to town on such a horrific evening?"

"Well, Smith, some of us has got to work after all aye?"

Old man Smith chuckled in spite of the fact that he probably did not even register Blake's snidey remark, as he turned his mug upside down trying to chug down its content, having forgotten that no less than a few seconds ago, he was contemplating whether he had the courage to ask for a refill or not.

As he came to the conclusion yet again he grumpily uttered some incomprehensible sounds and looked at Blake
"Well mate, you can't expect me to keep you company when my throat is so damn parse"
"I never actually asked for your company old man"
The barmaid saw the brewing disaster, long before it ever occured and slammed two fresh mugs filled to the rim with ale down on the table in front of the two.

"Darling, you didn't have to do that!"
"Spare your charming gestures, Smith. I expect you out of here by dawn"

Old man smith's eyes widened. He neighed as he shrugged at the situation.

"So what is this 'wonder' all about and when if you don't mind me asking?"

The old man lit his cigar while simultaneously trying to roll the ale around in his mouth
"I suppose you are talking about the latest architectural project of the King's?"
He finally managed to utter after a plethora of projects going on around him were rounded up.

"That's about the gist of it"

"Well, the greatest feat of our glorious kingdom is about to be concieved. Rumor has it that they wish to erect a monumental wall from the east to the far west"

"What purpose would such a thing serve?"

"Well what does any wall's purpose serve? either you want to keep something in, or out"

Blake leaned back and lit a cigar of his own. Fortunately the humidor had done a good job at keeping the beauty in a pristine condition.
He looked at Smith, whoms eyes were escaping to the utmost right on his side, blatantly starring at the Barmaiden's arse, his tongue licking his lower lip.

He grabbed the handle on his mug and used a fair amount of force to slam it against the table
"Smith! I was asking you a question, no reason to be an arse about it. You know I'm not looking for a job, and you know where I stand from a political point of view on this sort of matter"

Slightly startled the old man repositioned himself and leaned over the table starring into his already, nearly empty mug.
"Blake, you know I can't help you on this one. A fair amount of people shares your opinion, but folks don't want to get as radical about it as you"

Blake slammed his clenched fist into the table
"God dammit, Smith, I'm not asking for a public opinion on my political views"

The people around the inn all stopped talking nearly at the same time as the outburst breached everyone's attention.
Old man Smith looked concerned at Blake
"I-I-I-I don't know what to tell you Blake, I can't help you, bu-bu-but the wall is going to be raised whether you like it or not. Fear of the outside is stronger than principle matters, y-yo-you should know by now. N-n-n-no reason to get upset about an ol' man's concerns"

Blake looked around him, realizing he had caused quite a scene and began cracking his knuckles and adjusted his collar.
He stood up for a moment
"No reason to be alarmed. I have no intention of continuing this sudden outburst nor do I desire to harm anyone, this old man included. Go about your business, please"

He sat down and looked at Smith and gestured at him with his hand to go on.

"The project is set to begin around early spring. Greymane demands that the damn thing stands within a couple of years, and in spite of their seemingly casual recruitment, they have already established the main proportion of the architects, workers and management. Supposedly they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for the sake of avoiding talent escaping their attention"

"Apart from the absolutely impossible demand of erecting a giant wall in two small years, how can you expect of me to be this simple minded old man? I know that you possess the infomation I seek, and that you can provide it should you see fit"

The old man sighed and drank the last of his ale
"Blake, whatever it is you've got planned, it will get you nowhere, and please try to contain yourself when I tell you this"
He leaned in towards Blake and narrowed his eyebrows as he tried to substain eyecontact with him.
"If not for yourself and the rest of your life, then at least, try to think of your family"

Blake arched his back in the opposite direction of Smith's approach as the stench of his long thin hair and bearded chin not to mention his foul breath overwhelmed him briefly.

"As much as I apreciate your concern, and I sincerely believe you are, because light knows that you have had your fair amount of time to reflect in your own mistakes, but Old man? You do not meddle in my business, as I do not yours. You may avoid the mentioning of them as much as our dear King, but letting fear take a decisive toll on your rulership does not make you a leader, it makes you a coward. All I am asking, is for a list of the primary architects working on the project, and a list describing the details of the project and the initial managers whereabouts"

Smith looked into the wooden table in despair and smacked his lips as he tried to come to terms with the decision he was about to make
"Alright, but on the promise of you never mentioning my aid in this crusade of yours. You know I could not care less about the people in this rotten city or country, but at least let me stay a free man for the rest of my life while you so busily burn down your own"

Blake got up from his chair and put out his cigar at the bottom of his mug
"Smith, as much use you make of yourself to my earnest mission, I couldn't care less about where you may be sitting should the day come if they so find me and imprison me. You have my word, that I will not mention you, should it come to that point"

Smith walked towards the counter of the bar and requested a quill and ink.
As Blake put on his cloak and gloves, he contemplated the success of his approach to Smith as he observed him very eagerly scribbling down some yet to be known, infomation.

Smith followed Blake outside and lit another cigar while he kept the paper fragment in his right hand.
He looked around the entrance of the inn for any strangers in the distance

"This, is the address from which I shall provide you with the papers that includes said infomation you desire. Obviously I will not be around to provide you these papers, so it is entirely up to you that you remember the infomation I am about to provide you with.
Lady Catherine of the Market Row, an old love of mine, occasionally helps me exchanging infomation in form of letters for those rare occasions where the infomation contained is too delicate a matter for casual trade at a local inn. It is very important that you approach her dressed in a less, flamboyant fashion. It would raise suspicion that a man of your wealth would approach an elderly woman of her class.
So bring the dusty old blouse of yours of the simplest kind and tell her
'I am the one who knocks'
This will make it absolutely clear to her, that you are one of my clients, but once again, should you fail to disguise yourself as one of our class, she will most definitely not even consider opening her door for you, so keep this in mind, friend"

Blake snatched the fragment of paper out of his hand, and turned on his heels leaving the place in a hurry.

The following date, time of the day and place that the paper described, Blake retrieved the infomation from Old Lady Catherine just as Smith had intended for it to go down.
[Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith Darkdour

She barely looked at Blake when he told her the coded phrasing and simply handed him a bucket full of sealed scrolls.
"Is this i-"
The door was slammed right in his face and he stood around for a moment since it was nothing like what he expected.
Not a moment too soon he was on his way back to his home outside of the city and a mixture of fear of the infomation being fraudelent and the feeling of his mission brought into action all collided in a mess of adrenaline as he furiously rode his horse out of town.

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[Howl: Part 1] Old Man Smith
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