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 [Howl: Part 2] Animosity

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PostSubject: [Howl: Part 2] Animosity   [Howl: Part 2] Animosity EmptySun Dec 21, 2014 1:49 pm

It was an unusually beautiful evening standing audience on the wall.
The splendor of the coming night swallowing the day in the sky made Blake take a moment to apreciate he was still a free man.

There was a sort of bitterness eating him up from the inside that something so beautiful could exclusively be seen from such a tremendous atrocity as the Greymane Wall, but regardless he felt no hesitation as he continued sabotaging the scaffolding.
It had been years since he saw the last of Smith, which essentially meant that his only contact on the inside was no more.

Some say he had been beaten to death at the usual inn, others said he had passed away in his sleep.
Either way, it meant that Blake now stood alone as a rebel and Crowley was never an option to begin with, not with his casual life on the sideline.

Even now, with so many vocal supporters in Crowley's cause, the rebellion had taken a great blow following the arrest of its leader,
but even so, an unnerving presence in the distance itched on the inside of Blake's mind, for he had heard rumors of the dead rising and claiming whatever they shambled upon.
It seemed like something out of a horror, and he started questioning the purpose of the wall once more.
Maybe it was no longer an option, maybe the world on the outside had grown too vast and too dangerous for Gilneas to keep up.

A burst of anger spiralled up from the inside and he felt a renewed hope for his cause as he pictured Gilneas rotting away, and Smith, of all people, echoed in his mind

"If not for you, then at least think of your family".

The irony of his pleading reigniting his ambition in spite of wishing for the opposite made Blake chuckle to himself as he kicked over the stone he had tied the rope around, attached to the scaffolding.

"It's one of Crowley's!"

spine chillingly echoed in the distance.
Trapped in his circulatative thoughts, he had forgotten to look around for the guards on the wall.

"Of all nights" he said to himself as he turned around to run in the opposite direction only to find himself cornered.
The guard kicked him in the gut, that effectively made Blake collapse to his knees and the assault was quickly followed up by a hilt directly to his head that made him pass out.

Slowly regaining his senses he looked around his new surroundings
[Howl: Part 2] Animosity Gilead_prison_cell_by_rusty001-d2y36jg
It was the nightmare scenario, his carelessness had finally gotten the best of him and it was time to pay upfront.

"Not you, you bloody fool!"
He heard in the distance.
It was old man Smith, sitting somewhere around a distant prison cell clammed up against the bars.

"You and me both. How and why are you here Old man"

"What does it matter, son... Don't pay your guilty consciouss no nevermind, you had nothin' to do with it"

The old man was in shambles, his hair now deathly pale, and his beard was reaching below his torso.
You could tell that his body was dying, as his bones were showing below his skin around places where they should not.

"Tell me, are the rumors of this plague true?"

"True? I could ask you the same question, but yes according to even the healthiest looking people around this dungeon, it seems that we are facing a doomsday plague like no other. Most likely penance for our petty existence"

"You have grown weak and pathetic, to a point where it saddens me Smith."

"Spare me your judgement please, I do not have many days left as it is"

Determined footsteps could be heard in the distance and even intelligible phrases
"It's the middle-aged one?"
A woman's voice, no... His significant other's voice, but before he registered her reply she was standing before his cell, already weeping.

"Why Blake?"

"'why' ? is that what you are going to ask me? you know why. Can you afford bailing me out from our riches at home?"

"You truly are ignorant of you fate are you not... There will be no such thing. Even though I told them the truth, that you are working on your own behalf, they refuse to listen. They already think in absolutes with this sort of crime. Either you are a rebel, or you are not. The boys are asking for you. You may not remember having told them that you would be home within the end of the week, but they do, Blake"

"Tell them, that their father died for what he believed in, they will grow up to understand one day"

"Spare me your clichés, of course they will understand, but that does not change the fact that you won't be around no more."

The guard approached his wife and put his arm on her shoulder
"Madam, we have to leave, the city is being isolated, you should not have been here to begin with"
She simply nodded at the guard, looked back at Blake and left him with no word.

"'Isolated' how can you isolate a city that is already protected by a wall"
His train of thought was put to an end quickly as he heard a Howling in the distance
"Wolves? in the city?"

Old Man Smith looked at Blake across the hall and collapsed to his knees and down to the cold stonefloor, and just like that, Smith was no more.
The blasting sound of cannons could be heard and roaring echoes of furious and scared soldiers could be heard.

The sunlight had now dimmed in the distance of the dungeon's opening, but the war on the outside was still going on.
Blake was still trying to make out what was going on, and yet his best guess was that the rebels had retaliated full force.

The sound of one of the catapult ammo balls could be heard approaching swiftly through the air and crashed right into the dungeon, collapsing the inner half of the place.
Blake was crouched into a corner clinging helplessly onto his life and miraculously a guard had taken his time to approach the remaining prisoners

Blake looked at him as he was desperately trying to unlock his cell

"Why are you helping me?"

The guard stopped to look at him for a moment

"What do you mean why? I'm not letting you die, my job is to keep watch, but rules apply no longer"

He unlocked the cell, opened the door and gestured towards the exit at the stairs

"Go, had you seen the horrors out there you would have done the same for a family man"

Blake gave the guard a menacingly confused look, but kept moving towards the stairs and soon picked up in speed.

Every single guard that passed him by, ignored him completely.
As he got outside the first thing he noticed was the smoke in the distance of what he could only guess would be the wall itself.
At the top of the cathedral in the distance he could have sworn he saw men climbing around the top of it and jumping around like wild beasts.

Without further hesitation he sprinted towards a cellar doorway when he heard what sounded like a small family screaming at the top of their lungs. He was barefoot, carried no arms and was in no condition to fight for his life, but yet he was driven by fear somehow.
As he opened the heavy cellardoor something grabbed onto him with brutal strength and was lifted up against the sealing.

A snarling could be heard below him, but he was too occupied with the sharp pain of the clawed hands digging into the side of his neck and leg.
A violent spasm coursed through his body as he felt sharp fangs dig deep into the side of his body.
Screaming in pain he had no time asking for mercy from the beast, and next he remembers, he was thrown across the cellar into a corner and looked at what appeared as a wolf standing on its hindlegs approaching the family screaming for help.
Light faded from him and the only thing that sprung to mind, was the desperate instinct of trying to stay alive.

Windows and doors slammed again and again which seemed to wake him up from what was among the worst nightmares he'd ever had,
but to his surprise, he was standing in what appeared to be an abandon former self of his own house.
His first thought was to check his boys rooms, but of course no one was there.

Whatever used to stand, was tipped over or lied ruined on the floor.
It was only when a strong wind pushed Blake a little that he noticed his hands were furry clawed things, none of which he could even remotely recognize. Worse yet, they were covered in dirt and dried blood.
A wild feeling of madness came over him and he began yelling at the top of his lungs, but a Howl rang from the bottom of his belly and pierced the wind rather than the voice of a man.

It was then he noticed the corpse lying at the end of the dinner table, but it was still breathing, seemingly clinging to whatever life it still held.
At the doorway, a  much more lively corpse observed him, and what appeared to be his comrade struggling.
The man was undead, his eyes blight yellow, and his skin pale as snow.
Bones protruding from his arms, there was no doubt in Blake's mind, this was one of the dead they spoke of.
A rage like he had never felt before cloaked him, like darkness at dusk, and every shred of consciousness faded once more.

"Elune A'dore"
He heard as he yet again seemed to wake up from slumber, but this time, the wolfmen stood by his side, awaiting some sort of ritual to be carried out.
It was the Children of the stars "Kaldorei" they stood before the band of monsters, under a tree he immediatly recognized as "Tal'doren"
a place revered by the harvest magi, and Kaldorei alike.

A part of him wanted to break into anger, but fear kept him in place.
A soothing feminine voice pierced his attention
"What is your name, child?"
Blake tried to remember, so desperately tried to remember, but all he could think of was that moment in a prison cell when he heard the wolf.


The Night Elf peaked an eyebrow and cracked a peculiar smile at him, but nontheless handed him the chalice.
He looked around him as the various beasts transformed into a much more familiar human form and he quickly realized the purpose of the ritual.

As he drank he saw images of two boy children, and a woman, that he could only assume was either his own, or someone of great importance to him, but like a cloud blotting out the sun, their faces disappeared as he drank the chalice's content.
He transformed into his humble self, but could not recognize what he was now looking at.
Turning back into his feral self, he felt reassured, hoping that he would remember the thought of-
What exactly was it he was trying to remember?
Whatever it was, it was now gone...

As the Kaldorei lead the Gilneans towards their ships, Howl now looked at what he could scarcely recognize as the land of Gilneas, completely swallowed by the sea.
This was beyond the undead, it was an event on a cataclysmic scale. It was then he realized that the gap inbetween himself being conscious of his suroundings, a great deal of time had passed.

Following the Kaldorei into their great tree, was a natural choice for Howl to make. He did not hesitate, he did not look back.
And it would be many days before they would see any coast again, but once they did Howl felt an undying passion rise up in him as he observed the great Teldrassil
[Howl: Part 2] Animosity Teldrassil_Concept
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[Howl: Part 2] Animosity
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