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 Mission Report: Scrapheap Challenge

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Mission Report: Scrapheap Challenge  Empty
PostSubject: Mission Report: Scrapheap Challenge    Mission Report: Scrapheap Challenge  EmptySat Jan 31, 2015 1:24 am

Following the events of the Horde attack on our position at the Talaari Trading Outpost the scavenge Enemy tank was to be permanently decommissioned and it's components melted down for scrap metal as part of the repairing of the base.

Ropes and cables were attached to the shell of the tand and it was dragged outside by Sgt.Nih and Private Ara while Private Mon scouted ahead on her mechanized contraption.

Once the route was scouted and found clear we moved along.

Enemy scouts were spotted on a hill taking note of our movements.the force quickly routed by a display of force and skilled marksmanship from Private Mon.

Reaching the designated site Sgt.Nih and I Defended the perimeter around the tank while Private Mon primed it with charges.

After a while the scouts happened upon us and we were pinned down by sniper fire

Private Mon forced the enemy into cover by rotating the tank turret .

The scouts then called for reinforcements and a dozen wolf mounted horde left a garrison.

A tactical withdraw was called .Private Mon left the tank and once the riders were within range the charges were detonated.

Initial estimates of damage done to enemy forces are promising.

The tank flipped over and not only managed to take out the oncoming orcs.But was sent down the side of the hill and breached the enemies garrison destroying a watch tower and ruining an outer wall.

Causalities minimal
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Mission Report: Scrapheap Challenge
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