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 Corporal Clara Lavian Dawson

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Personal Information

Corporal Clara Lavian Dawson Alliance

Name: Clara Dawson, "Lavian"
Rank: Corporal
Race&Gender: Human female
Age: N/A(Deceased, undead)
Place of Birth: Stratholme, Lordaeron.

Prior non-military employment: Kirin Tor magi and tutor in life. Retainer to House Vanimedle formerly
Civilian Qualifications: Top grades within the kirin tor, class A student.
Prior military service: None, formerly scourge war machine for almost ten years.
Military Qualifications: Scourge trained in warfare, adapted to a more simplified moral code for the alliance.

Assignment: --leave blank--
Battle-role: --leave blank--

Leaves and Passes
Leave from 08.08 - 16.08

Performance Reviews
"Lavian is a powerful Death Knight of the second Death-knight generation. She have been reported to take control of a large group of Scourge controlled lesser undead and turn them against their former comrades. She doesn't herself use undead minions, exception of a Skeletal Gryphon and occasionally a Gargoyle. She is polite, doesn't show hesitation with following orders and have volunteer often to tasks that would be suicidal for a common soldier. In short, she goes for a fine example for the Death Knights of the Unit." - Lieutenant Inran of Kor'khat

Disciplinary Record
--Leave Blank--
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Corporal Clara Lavian Dawson
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