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 Private Zibble Fiddlecog

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PostSubject: Private Zibble Fiddlecog   Private Zibble Fiddlecog EmptyWed Jul 17, 2013 11:43 am

Personal Information

Private Zibble Fiddlecog Alliance

Name: Zibble Fiddlecog
Rank: Private
Race&Gender: Gnome male
Age: 112
Place of Birth: Gnomeregan, Dun Morogh

Prior non-military employment: Farmer, race courier at Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge for a month or three, then quit for unknown reasons.
Civilian Qualifications: Studied and graduated from the Gearshaft University as tinker.
Prior military service: Served in the Second War, the defense of Gnomeregan against the Trogg invasion, then proceeded to serve in the Alliance military until shortly after Illidan Stormrage his fall, being stationed in Outland then, with the rank of Corporal. After that he left the official Grand Alliance military, forming a small (mainly Gnomish) mercenary band known as the "Gearblasters", taking odd and dangerous jobs for the Alliance military all over Azeroth.
Military Qualifications: Studied and graduated from the Gnomeregan Military Institute with the subjects of "Advanced Combat Training" and "Military Tactics", Tinker.

Assignment: --leave blank--
Battle-role: --leave blank--

Leaves and Passes
Leave from 08.08 - 16.08

Performance Reviews
--Leave Blank---

Disciplinary Record
--Leave Blank--
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Private Zibble Fiddlecog
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