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 (Discharged) Recruit Jadaar

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PostSubject: (Discharged) Recruit Jadaar   (Discharged) Recruit Jadaar EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 8:46 pm

Personal Information

(Discharged) Recruit Jadaar Alliance

Name: Jadaar, Farseer
Rank: Recruit
Race&Gender: Draenei Male
Age: +/- 30,000 years.
Place of Birth: Mac'Aree, Argus.

Prior non-military employment: Former Peacekeeper of Telmar.
Civilian Qualifications: Shaman, Naaru-technology engineer.
Prior military service: Jadaar stayed on Azuremyst learning shamanism to heal damages made by the Crash, he then joined the alliance in fixing damages caused by Deathwing in Deepholm and Twilight Highlands.
Military Qualifications: One-handed and Dual Wielding weapons. Tactician, Negotiator.

Assignment: --leave blank--
Battle-role: --leave blank--

Leaves and Passes
Leave from 08.08 - 16.08

Performance Reviews
--Leave Blank---

Disciplinary Record
--Leave Blank--

Lt. Eodain Ashdown wrote:
Discharged upon request.

(Discharged) Recruit Jadaar Stormwind_64

157th 'Wild Tempest' Company
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(Discharged) Recruit Jadaar
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