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 [IC] History of the 157th "Wild Tempest" Company

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[IC] History of the 157th "Wild Tempest" Company Empty
PostSubject: [IC] History of the 157th "Wild Tempest" Company   [IC] History of the 157th "Wild Tempest" Company EmptyFri Sep 27, 2013 9:09 pm

The Story and History of the 157th "Wild Tempest" Company
Recorded by: -A nameless scribe-

Wild Tempest began as a paramilitary group by Admiral Taylor in Kun-Lai summit, recruiting from local Pandaren, Alliance adventurers and survivors of destroyed units. After the landing of the Alliance Fleets and Operation: Jade Fist, Wild Tempest was incorporated into the Grand Alliance military structure and made into a multiracial company. The company later fell into ruin after the Reclamation of Stromgarde, falling to an forsaken ambush and losing majority of its members. Several months later, a former 7th Legion Lieutenant reassembled the survivors and took the company as her own to lead it to a new glory.

Since then, the company have flourished. Soon after the reform, the company left to a recruitment mission through the eastern Northrend Alliance bases for recruits. In addition for finding several able men from the frozen wastes, Wild Tempest assisted in a pirate problem just off the coast of Westguard Keep by sinking one of the two pirate ships and claiming the other one as their own, sailing back to Stormwind with a crew loaned from Valgarde. Leaving their new vessel to the shipyard for modifications the company turned their attention to the heating conflict of Alterac Valey and Tol Barad. Traveling through the continent, the company was ambushed one more time by a Horde raiding party shortly after their arrival to Arathi Highlands. Unlike in the past however, Wild Tempest emerged victorious and made their way to Hillsbrad Foothills and from there to Alterac Valey. The combined forces of the Alliance emerged victorious, both from the Alterac Valey and Tol Barad conflict. Wild Tempest returned to Stormwind shortly after with the assistance of skilled mages and portal-magic to see their Pirate-ship-turned-a-Battleship "The Stormbringer".

The company set sail towards Northrend soon after, transporting a group of explorers to the frozen wastes with them. Going through Valgarde and leaving the explorers there, the Tempest sailed then to the coast of Grizzly Hills and left "The Stormbringer" in anchor while the brave soldiers of the company set a camp further to the land. They were greeted by the remnants of the Scourge, who harassed the company during their stay in area by attacking a party at Westfall Brigade Encampment, a scouting group and sunk their Battleship "The Stormbringer" in a grand naval battle against spectral sailors and a Lich. Already considering to leave the continent for their difficulties with the Scourge, the company received unexpected aid from a Dragon of the Blue Dragonflight, who agreed to protect them from the Scourge if the company were to aid it with a problem it required external aid with. Aiding the dragon, the Company and the explorers that had rejoined forces with made their way to the Storm Peaks. In their search for Titan technology, the group stumbled to a sealed lab of the late Senator of Innovation of Ironforge, Tjib. Guided by his former employee, they cleared their way through the horrors of the laboratories and salvaged much useful information and technology.

Shortly before the Rebellion of the Darkspear erupted, the Company sailed to Kalimdor, setting land at Rut'heran Village and stay the remaining week at The Exodar when the Lieutenant of the company went through diplomatic negotiations with the Night Elves of Darnassus, to where their aid were most required. Unaware of the Rebellion and a pact between Northern Rebellion - another Horde rebellion separate of the one of Vol'jin's, soldiers of the Wild Tempest captured a Blood Elf during a scouting mission in Ashenvale. This immediately cause an uproar among the Horde, due of the pact of ceasefire formed between the Northern Rebellion and leadership figures of the Alliance. The Blood Elf was relased shortly after.

As much to make up, and as the fact that Kor'kron stationed in their path through Ashenvale, the Company's Lieutenant made an agreement with the General of the Northern Rebellion, Rargnasha Bloodmark. On the eve of a day when Kor'kron of the Hellscream lay siege to the fort of Zoram'gar, the Alliance joined the carnage by sailing their new battleship by the cover of the mist to the bay and unleashing its cannons - and gyrocopters - on the Hellscream's Horde with devastating results.

The Company, its path to Ashenvale clear, provided assistance to the Northern Rebellion afterwards in various occassions, most noteworthy the siege of Kor'kron controlled Silverwing Refuge, an assault where individuals of the Order of the Natures Grasp fought side-by-side by the soldiers of the Tempest. Demonic presence of Ashenvale cause the Company slight difficulties, being magically assaulted by several Warlocks. Regardless, the Company made their way through Stonetalon Pass, fought the Battle of Windshear Crag against the Kor'kron, and made their headquarters in Windshear Hold.

Working separately from the Northern Horde Rebellion, who had remain in Ashenvale with exception of Krom'gar Fortress just across the crag, wherefrom the Rebelling Horde established mining operations in the area, the Company laid siege to an oil pump station north of Windshear Hold and claimed it for the Alliance, clearing their way to the barrens soon after.

Arrived in the Southern Barrens and having broken the siege on Honor's Stand, the Company went to rendezvous with the Alliance forces fresh from the Eastern Kingdoms. Working together from Honor's Stand to clear a path through the dreaded Undergrowth to reach Northwatch Hold, for the battle that would soon follow there. Northwatch the first on the list of the Alliance settlements that needed to be retaken from their Kor'kron hosts in the Barrens. With Northwatch secured, the Company discovered it wasn't only Hellscreams Kor'kron that threatenend their safety, and that of the many other Alliance troops stationed there. A foul darkness loomed on the horizon...

Alarmed by this sudden grim turn of events, the Company was ordered to track down and destroy what or whoever caused this darkness. Several days had passed before the brave soldiers of the Tempest arrived at their destination of Razorfen Downs, aided by unexpected and even questionable allies. The battle in Razorfen that followed the next day was fierce and bloody, but the 157th completed their mission, despite the odds and the fact that they had to leave under the pressure of a horde of quillboar, that chased the Company out. Rejoining the Alliance forces at Northwatch Hold once more, to prepare for the siege on Forward Command.

The prize the combined Alliance forces had to pay to regain Forward Command from the orcs was that of precious Alliance blood, as the Kor'kron forces defended the camp with zeal. Even after the Company had helped in cleaning the field of Alliance corpses and setting up the camp, the desperate orcs kept on charging at the camp on a daily base. But the Alliance held. Sending several of the Company it's pilots of both gyrocopters and gryphons to join in on a aerial assault on the locations of Fort Triumph and Desolation Hold. The assaults were successful as the defenses of both fortresses fell, yet some of the Tempest it's pilots fell with them. Surviving their crashes, the pilots got themselves captured by the group of Horde renegades that call themselves the "Blood Wolves" enemies to the Alliance, Rebellion and even Hellscream. After several days of tracking, fighting and eventually negotiating the prisoners got set free by ransom. Brough back to Fort Triumph which had fallen Alliance hands during their captivity, to rejoin the 157th. Once more complete, the Company set out to complete various tasks across the Barrens, disrupting a well hidden Kor'kron lab, and completing other missions before finally sailing home to Stormwind for a week of well deserved rest.

As their next assignment to sail to Pandaria and disrupt Horde resource operations, the Company encounter troubles long before the shores of Pandaria came to sight.
Aboard the heavily fortified Stormbringer, the soldiers of the 157th felt the full force of a storm as a Kor'kron warship along with their Dark Shamans was determined to bring a quick end to their journey. After a tough fight involving lot of gunpowder, blood and rain the Tempest emerged victorious from the storm, to continue their journey towards the shores of Pandaria.

Yet another unpleasant surprise awaited the Company. They were welcomed to Pandaria by the scent of smoke to a small Pandaren fishing village, set aflame by the Kor'kron forces that had stranded nearby in the same storm.

Liberating the village from the Kor'kron, the Tempest eventually was forced to sail further down the coast to Lion's Landing for the Sha manifest during the battle for the village now deemed to dangerous to stay at. The Company did not remain at the naval port for long, being invited to settle in the Tian Monastery high among the spires of Jade Forest by the Blooming Lotus Society. In exchange the Unit offered their aid in removing the Kor'kron forces keep control of a nearby airstrip and driving them out from Honeydew Village.

Their work in the Jade Forest completed, the soldiers marched further to the west, to the Valley of Four Winds. Yet upon arrival at Halfhill in mid of a storm, the Pandaren didn't allow the Company to enter, wishing to maintain their neutral status in the war. Soaked to the bone with thunder crashing on the ground around them the 157th stubbornly marched further in search of shelter, thus the closest Alliance camp: Sentinel Basecamp in the depths of the jungle of Krasarang.

The Company remained in the Wilds for a few days until being spurred into action by the terrible cataclysm caused by the actions of Garrosh Hellscream at the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The 157th sent airborne scouts to discover what had happen, having felt the shock through half the continent. The scouts reported the horrors they had sighted in the Vale, and thus the main bulk of the Company set into motion. With huge mountain sides blocking their way to the Vale of Eternal Blossom, the Serpent's Spine proved to be the quickest route to the center of Pandaria. Wild Tempest rejoined forces with the Blooming Lotus Society once again at Mistfall Village, where the survivors of the cataclysmic events of the Vale had taken refuge.

The huge presence of Sha near to the Village proved taxing for the mental health of the soldiers of the 157th and native Pandaren alike, which from the local and still hostile Mogu population took advantage and launched multiple attacks on the Pandaren refugees and the 157th. While the Company, backed up by the brave Pandaren of the Blooming Lotus fought back valiantly, they didn't manage to force a full halt to the Mogu activities at the moment, but bought enough time for the civilians to escape, should they wish to.

Yet on a different shore the Siege of Orgrimmar was starting, and the High Command have passed on new orders for the Company, expected to join the Siege on Orgrimmar. By the request of the Commander, the soldiers were given a moment of rest and time to enjoy the brewfest, but eventually, the red shores of Durotar and the heat of the harsh land await the soldiers.

Setting camp in southern canyons of Durotar, location already secured by the scouts, the Company set ground for the reinforcements expected to arrive in a time of a week. Scouting the environment and securing the camp, reinforcing the defenses, and launching several raids to the Dranosh'ar Blockade up in North, while fending off squads of asssassins sent to dispatch the Alliance troops. Around week later, when the reinforcements arrived in form of various orders from Stormwind, as the Disciples of Light, Blooming Lotus Society, Stormwind First Regiment and the explorers, Freelancers arrived, the combined forces took Tiragarde Keep, a ruined fort by the eastern shores of Durotar. The Kor'kron however did not give up, and launch a number of assaults against the Keep, eventually driving the Alliance out from the keep, forced to retreat back to the canyons. Rear Admiral Conover, the commanding officer of the combined forces was captured and taken to Orgrimmar in that assault, which made Captain Inran of 157th Company the highest ranked military commander present.

Despite their setback, the Alliance stood united, and raided through Northern Barrens to replace supplies lost along with the keep. Scouts were sent out in the field, to bring reports of the lost Tiragarde Keep. Most did not return, but a paladin who had gone scout by their own reported fel-corrupted skorpid and other beast around the keep. A group of volunteers was assembled, and the fort was assaulted with boats by sea. Fighting their way through raptors and skorpid corrupt by a goblin hid within the keep, the heroes of the Alliance scaled up the walls of the fort and inside into the ruins, confronting the professor.

The Keep was once more under Alliance control, but the Kor'kron were not inclined to give them a second chance. Assaults after assault continue by ground and air in form of raiders. The distraction however, Alliance forces in southern Durotar, had proven successful. The Kor'kron, stretched think, had a breach by the eastern shore in Bladefist Bay, and the 157th Company did not waste time. Retreating from the keep to 'The Stormbringer', the battleship of the company, they head towards the docks of Orgrimmar to lend their aid by the beaches.

157th Company, alongside allies traveling on their ship, assaulted the Kor'kron that had taken the bay minutes earlier, pushing the stationed troops hard. With the company assistance, victory was achieved. During the following night and day, Heroes of the Alliance and Horde had push through the monstrosities the Kor'kron had at their defense, the Company follow as rear guard into the city of Orgrimmar, clearing out pockets of stragglers, assassins, and by the end a facility producing modified shredder machines, claiming a number of them for the Alliance once the foreman was slain. Retreating back to their ship, with Orgrimmar fallen, the Company sailed back to Stormwind, for a period of rest before their next assignment.

Two weeks passed before the 157th "Wild Tempest" Company receive new orders, this time leading the Tempest to the shattered world of Outland, on a task to fulfill the command's desire for having even more technological advancement in the weaponry of the Alliance. Thus, one of the main objectives of this expedition was to obtain alien technology, such as Ethereal and Apeix crystals for research. The 157th was also tasked to cull threats of the Alliance and Azeroth encounter on their travel through the broken world.

Stepping through The Dark Portal, the soldiers were given no time to observe the bizarre skies and landscape of the Hellfire Peninsula, when as force of demons already insist giving the Tempest an infernal welcome to the realm by breaching through the defenses of The Dark Portal. Aiding both the Alliance and Horde soldiers in vanquish the demons and re-stabilize the defense, the Company eventually managed continue their journey and make their way to Honor Hold.

Using the fortress of the earlier Alliance Outland Expeditions as their base of operations, the 157th launched several missions in the Peninsula, staging a amount major assaults on pockets of both Fel Orcs and even Demons, disrupting their unholy activities and schemes to cause even more devastation in the region. Still in pursue of technology, the Tempest soon left the burning waste of Hellfire behind and marched into Terrokar Forest to Allerian Stronghold.

In Terrokar, things started to go downhill quickly when a entire squad failed to report back after raid on a hostile Ethereal encampment. The missing soldiers appeared to have been sucked into Ethereal made portals, dropping them all over in the region in most often not so pleasant locations. The search for their lost comrades led the still present soldiers all over Terrokar and even into the dreaded Shadowmoon Valley. The Tempest eventually managing to recover all of their missing comrades, most in a far worse health then with which they left. While the mission had ended badly, the soldiers of the Company had managed to obtaining an amount of Ethereal technology in midst of the chaos. Fortunately for the battered soldiers, an SI:7 operative by the aid of the Company had meanwhile sent a team to receive Apeix crystals from Blade's Edge Mountains, and thus the mission of the Company in Outland was complete.

Plagued by demons and mainly the many injuries, the Company marched to the safety of Shattrath City with a stash full of Ethereal technology, to recover from their injuries and train for the next assignment.

The orders of the Company were quite clear when the soldiers gathered in Stormwind Harbor awaiting briefing yet again, after a period of leave. To find out if the rough regions of southern Kalimdor held any resources, and if so, secure them for the Grand Alliance. With that in mind they set out on the mighty Stormbringer. Yet as past missions have pointed out, trouble always has a way of finding the 157th. This campaign it started already on the boat, when it found itself under attack from a at first by magic shrouded pirate ship! The battle was tough, yet not tough enough to tame the Tempest. With the pirates defeated, the Stormbringer docked on Evergreen Isle for the night, to receive minor repairs and supplies.

Setting out the next day again, the soldiers enjoyed quite a calm travel. Yet only at the coast of their destination of Tanaris did they encounter trouble, though small, with navigating through sunken ruins in the pitch black night. Yet quite some cursing and feuds with local turtle wildlife later, did they dock their ship at Gadgetzan.

While most of the soldiers were still busy getting adapting to the rough climate, the Captain had received great news already. The local Explorer's League had found a cavern filled with rich untapped ore veins, yet the not  so good part was, that the only prospectors that knew of the location had been kidnapped by local Trolls on their return to camp. Not wanting to lose the information that could drastically reduce their time in that blasted desert, the Company set out with the goal of freeing the Dwarves. It took the soldiers a great amount of stealth and precision, and eventually uh, some "advancing in the opposite direction" after a little mistake, to get the Dwarves out (sort of) alive.  

After wrestling control of the mine from the Reliquary, and managing to take care of desperate pirates the Wild Tempest set out to the primal jungles of Un'Goro Crater. Plagued already by the local reptiles on their march to their encampment, they found out that one of the beloved soldiers went missing in the cowardly attack upon their arrival. The beautiful yet savage and merciless jungles clearly proved a great challenge for the 157th. Fighting themselves to the depths of a Silithud hive to rescue Private Mahodiir, and facing off against the primal devilsaur population in a attempt to wrestle control of local resources.

Battered and low in morale, yet not defeated. With that in mind, the Company stubbornly marched on to Silithus. Losing Private Mahodiir and nearly their Captain after being lured into the village filled with vengeful Elven spirits, with that Wild Tempest received yet another blow, both physical and mental.  

The Tempest fought on, taking a stand against an alliance of Twilight Cultists and Silithid in attempt to complete their mission in southern Kalimdor by securing the local Silithyst sites. The Company succeeded in exactly that. Just when the soldiers thought themselves victorious, they were proven horribly wrong when caught in a desperate, surprise attack by the twisted alliance on the camp. The 157th heroicly drove off the vile invaders, yet were forced on a earlier retreat home then planned.

Back in Stormwind the remaining soldiers of the company were informed of upcoming changes. With the end to the war which led to the Siege of Orgrimmar, there was no longer need for the 157th as a full-sized unit. Returning back to their roots as Task Force: Wild Tempest, the soldiers were sent on a brief Leave before their next assignment.

Their first mission as Task Force: Wild Tempest, at the behest of Spymaster Helmut Spoon, was to hunt down and eliminate The Blood Wolves, a group of Horde rebels with a strong hatred of the Alliance. To this end the Task Force set sail for Northrend once more, the last known location of the blood Wolves. Upon reaching the coast of the Northern continent, the criminal incompetence of the ship’s captain left the Task Force marooned on a small island. With night fast approaching the soldiers gathered their wounded as well as any supplies they could salvage and took shelter in a cave for the night. At dawn they set out in a life boat, intent on reaching the shore proper despite the best effort of the local sea life. They landed upon the Forgotten Shore and were forced to battle their way past the restless spirits that still haunted it in order to reach the safety of Wintergarde Keep.

After a few days spent resting the Task Force sent out scouts to begin tracking their prey. Most returned empty handed, but one group did not return at all. Concerned for the scouts safety and with no leads to follow the Task Force set out in search of them. Their search brought them to the Crystal Vice, where the split up to search for their missing scouts. This led them afoul of the local ice giant population. The Tempest fought valiantly but were overcome by the numbers and brute strength of their foe, with no other option they were forced to retreat.

Despite this defeat the Tempest would not be deterred, sending out more scouts further afield to locate their target. In the meantime a few of the soldiers made an expedition to the Emerald Dragon shrine to help a comrade who’s mind had been overcome by his druidic transformation. After a brief scuffle with a tainted Trent, which proved no match for the battle hardened soldiers, they succeeded in their task. Restoring the mind of Private Hariel whom was affectionately known as the Task Force’s mascot.

Heartened by the restoration of their mascot, the Tempest received more good news. Their target had been spotted in the Grizzly Hills. Swiftly the Tempest moved before the trail went cold. Their first objective was the interception of a Horde caravan in hopes of gaining more details. They struck swiftly bringing down the barbaric green skins who guarded the caravan capturing both and Orc and Troll for questioning.

However before information could be extracted the Task Force was ordered to abort their mission. The drums of war thundered once more as both Alliance and Horde descended upon the Howling Fjord and every able bodied soldier was needed, including the Tempest. A short but vicious campaign ensued, pushing the Tempest onto the front lines often twice or three times a day in a constant cycle of attack, defence and counter attack. Despite the heroic efforts of all Alliance forces involved, the Horde claimed ultimate victory and the Tempest returned to Stormwind for some much needed down time.

There was little rest to be found however, even before leaving Northrend on of their comrades turned against them and fled taking with her the soul of the deceased Private Mahodiir whom she had kept imprisoned since his death. Now she returned making attack upon the minds of her former comrades, even taking control of the mind of Lieutenant Strongbrew. The unit was tasked with her capture, to see justice done. All was not so simple however, the company stood divided as the bonds of friendship and duty were put to the test. Her hideout was quickly discovered and the Tempest stormed the building, unfortunately she escaped and two of their comrades along with a Paladin whom selflessly offered her help were pulled into the dreaded Shadow Realm. Lieutenant Strongbrew quickly organised and personally led a mission into the hellish plane to rescue them, the mission succeeded but it took a heavy toll on the minds of all those who entered.

More leads were pursed, some even braving the Underforge in search of information. The assistance of mages sought to scry the location of the traitor. Just as everything was set to begin, the mission was aborted. Spymaster Spoon struck a deal with the traitor, one condition of which was that the Tempest give up their hunt. The soldiers were bitter but complied, turning their attention to their next mission.

Their next mission was rather vague in its nature. Rumours had begun to spread of a powerful artefact and two rival cults seeking it. Spymaster Spoon deployed the Tempest with two objectives; 1) Confirm its existence, 2) If it does exist either secure it or destroy it. Thus the Tempest were sent to Gilneas, where the rumours said the artefact lay. They encountered no resistance in the near abandoned Kingdom, save a great deal of sheep which took a liking to the Draenic members of the Task Force. After making camp in the former residence of one of their Gilnean members, the Tempest came upon a man barely into adulthood whom claimed knowledge of the rumoured Cults. The boy quickly led them into a trap, leaving the Tempest to fend off an Ettin. The Tempest quickly out maneuverer the simple creature and track the boy down once more. After a brief interrogation the move to investigate the cave he had spoken of. This two was a trap, while none of the Task Force were injured several civilian prisoners were lost.

Further investigation of the land bore no fruit, demoralising the soldiers further. Their only lead now was the rumour of the other Cult operating out of Eversong Forest. Despite the great risk the Tempest moved into the Ghostlands, doing their best to maintain a low profile. But almost inevitably they were found by the Elven Farstriders. The following battle was short but costly, resulting in the destruction of a small Farstrider camp, and serious injuries to most of the Task Force. The Tempest was forced to seek shelter in an abandoned Troll Village on the edge of the Eversong woods. While regrouping a messenger bird came with orders for the Task Force to withdraw.

The Command was unhappy with their progress and the diplomatic incident they had almost caused with their presence in Horde Lands. As result, the Task Force was disbanded for until notice. The soldiers went their separate ways and what was Wild Tempest was reduced to exist only as words on paper.

Yet as The Dark Portal turns red and endless numbers of strange looking orcs pour through the portal into this world as an echo of the First War, a call to arms is sound. Captain Inran has returned and the 157th Company, dormant for months is called to reassemble. Dark Clouds are gathering above Stormwind and eyes are set on Blasted Lands as the Tempest prepares for War.
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[IC] History of the 157th "Wild Tempest" Company
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