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 "Last Chance" Program

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PostSubject: "Last Chance" Program   "Last Chance" Program EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 10:57 pm

157th "Wild Tempest" Company

"Last Chance" Program Wildtempestlionshieldsk

The "Last Chance" Program

Originally a separate prisoner Platoon within the 157th Company, the 2nd "Last Chance" Platoon was incorporated into the 1st "Wild Tempest" Platoon when it was no longer able to achieve necessary results by its dwindling numbers and lacking recruits. Renamed as the "Last Chance" program, the idea behind the concept remains much the same.

Criminals of the Alliance would be given a chance, a last chance to correct their mistakes. Narrowly avoiding execution or years of imprisonment, individuals would be taken into military service where they would be taken into active warfront and put into use as soldiers of the Alliance. Criminals were not expected to live through it, but if they did, they would be released as free men with their crimes pardoned.

In the manner of Prison Sentences and there equating time in correspondence to the amount of time conscripted in to the unit they are as follows:

Theft - One to Three Months
Assault - One to Three Months
Kidnapping - Three to Nine Months
Manslaughter - Three to Nine Months
Murder - Three to Twelve Months
Treason - Three to Indefinitely
Cultism - Three to Indefinitely

Each crime, both listed and unlisted, will be considered separately and the time of conscription may differ from 1 months to indefinite, depending on the severity of the crime(s).

OOC: The time of service will be agreed with each individual based on their own wishes. The times are guidelines and not set into stone.

Specific Rules of the Last Chancers:

  • A Collar will be locked around the neck of each Last Chance Platoon member, signifying their position as a Last Chancer. The collar has a built-in tracking device, so the location of Last Chancers can be followed at all times. The collar is also packed with explosives, as a safety procedure to easily dispatch the person should they attempt to turncoat or flee.
  • Last Chancers can never ascend beyond the rank of Private within the 157th Company.
  • A Last Chancer is required to always let an Officer known of there location, where they will be found, despite the collar around there neck. This also includes off duty hours.
  • Last Chancers will have no perks of a regular soldier, this includes minimal rations whilst on the field, access to only basic equipment, and will always be restricted to the ship of the Company or a Military base when the enlisted soldiers are given leave.

The "Last Chance" program is open to all, convicts and exiles alike, who wish to seek clemency in the eyes of the Crown and the Grand Alliance as a whole. However this is of course highly subjective and each individual will be looked on as a seperate case with varying degree of severity both by the Officers of the 157th Company, and the Officials of the Grand Alliance.

"Freedom must be earnt. Not Given."
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"Last Chance" Program
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