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This is the forum of Wild Tempest, an Alliance-based World of Warcraft RP-PvP guild on Defias Brotherhood.
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 Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks

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157th Wild Tempest Company

Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks Wildtempestlionshield

Brief Guild Concept
Wild Tempest (full name: 157th Wild Tempest Company) is an Alliance military guild open to all races and classes. The guild is devoted to immersive Role-play with a good story and strong military theme.

Military theme does not mean that all RP will revolve around PvP, although PvP is certainly a part of it. "Military" in this case means that most RP will be devoted, in one way or another, to fighting on the side of the Alliance against the Horde and other enemies. It also means the guild is run like part of the military, with discipline, hierarchy and feel it entails.

Wild Tempest is not intended to become larger than a company, will never lay claim to being the Alliance Army and will steer clear of guarding and criminal&cultist Role-play unless the situation is just right and participation makes perfect sense.

Guild Activities

There will be camp-RP involving training and camplife in-between larger events, sometimes it will be replaced with leave in a major city or RP hub. Sailing and other travel-RP will happen frequently, whenever the guild moves from a camp or continent to another. There will also be time and place for preparation: meeting other guilds, organizing the next operation, recruiting aid and finding rare supplies.

Dungeon Mastered events will be used for fighting non-played villains and as filler on operations and camp-site RP. It is a lot more fun to patrol around camp if suddenly there is a surprise attack, even if that attack is dungeon-mastered.

Being a guild that roleplay mostly outside the safety of city walls, PvP activity is encouraged to provide protection against ganking. The guild run Rated Battlegrounds weekly and many of the members engage actively in Arena.

WPvP will mostly consist of smaller-scale skirmishes instead of massive zerg to give battles a more personal and tactical feeling. Large-scale WPvP campaigns will take place, but they won't be the bread and butter of the guild's activities.

Ranks, Organization and Discipline

Ranks of Wild Tempest are used solely to define soldier's duties and responsibilities and will not be handed out as rewards and encouragements.

Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks F459ARCCaptain: commander of the company. (Guild Master)
Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks QExmCnqLieutenant: head of a platoon within the company, having authority over the entire company when the Captain is unavailable. (Senior Officer)
Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks QJfHcCnMaster-Sergeant: senior field-leading officer with duties much akin to their lower counterpart. (Senior Officer)
Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks 5R3ZWA7Sergeant: general field-leading officers, squad-leader and tactical commander on the ground. (In-Character Officer)
Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks REVCqOHCorporal: lowest of the officer ranks, assistant squad leader and a reliable go-to person on camp. (In-Character Officer)
Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks UMesVdmLance-Corporal: soldier proven their reliability through strength, guile and loyalty.
Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks M5x1w2JPrivate: full-fledged member of the company.
Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks VLQJz5SRecruit: fresh face in the company.

Military theme means a clear chain of command. Every soldier knows, at any given time, who has the authority to give orders to him and who doesn't.

Army Discipline will be enforced, but it will not be nearly as chokingly strict as modern militaries. For instance, drinking on duty would not normally be punished while drunk and disorderly behavior would be. Getting in a fight with an officer might be overlooked if the officer in question doesn't mind it. Again, this is a military-themed guild which means that there are clear consequences and protocols to be followed. If offences persist, the severity of punishment will of course escalate. Which means you need to be caught drunk thrice to get a nasty punishment. There may be some overlap, as seriousness of an offence depends greatly on context. Getting in a fight with a soldier off duty is not the same as getting in a fight with him on the battlefield.

Overall, the ranks, the hierarchy and the discipline are meant to provide the guild with the military atmosphere and make it feel more like a military organization instead of a bunch of weekend adventurers. There will not be any ridiculous, over-the-top nonsense one sees in abundance in movies. "The first and the last word that leaves your mouth is 'sir', understood?" No way.

Credits for Suon/Melnerag for the creation of the guild concept.
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Wild Tempest Concept & Ranks
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