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 [Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves

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[Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves Empty
PostSubject: [Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves   [Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves EmptyMon Dec 22, 2014 3:18 pm

[Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves Over_the_roofs_of_darnassus_by_lelanai-d6rqqjv

At the very top of Teldrassil, the great city of Darnassus had accepted new Denizens for the first time since its birth.
The Worgen were all being introduced to their new lives, but some if not most of them travelled to the outside in the months that followed.
Some went to the Eastern Kingdoms with the Human emissaries, others went to the western coast of Kalimdor hoping to aid the sympathetic Kaldorei.

A young looking Kaldorei woman approached Howl with caution.
Her garbs seemed to float around her and her abalaster skin and silver eyeglow overwhelmed Howl enough to make the beast feel rather timid.
"You seem distant, friend"

Howl looked back up at her trying to find the words, but felt a deafening sense of bliss.
For the first time in many years, he had been relieved of the burdens of life, unaware of his former self's tragic end.
"Why do you help us?"
He finally managed to mutter

The radiant elf crouched down in front of him and adjusted her snow white dress before she turned her gaze on Howl
"The curse you bear, is partially my ancestors fault, and its conception is entirely their fault. My people feel a responsibility to help you"
She smiled at him which revealed a beauty that made Howl feel a childish shyness coat him.

"Are you not returning to the east with your kin?

Howl looked around him, a giant treant in particular caught his attention, and the majesty of the place in general connected with him in a way that made him feel at peace.
Instead, he answered with a question

"Is it true what they say? that a dragon aspect has gone mad and now teorrizes Azeroth?"

"I'm afraid so, yes. The former Earth Warder has set entire lands ablaze. He was responsible for the drowning of most of your land as well.
Your kin seems to be driven by a sense of justice, and anger. Our Alliance too, has been directly attacked, but he is an enemy of our world, not just our faction. If you wish to join the cau-"

Howl interrupted her
"I am not a soldier"

She paused for a moment and replied with a smile
"Not to worry. If it is refuge you seek, we will provide it for as long as you need"
She got up on her feet again and turned on her heels, but before she left she turned her head to look back at Howl once more
"If you want to learn about your curse, do not despair. I will personally help you, should you see fit"

He returned a nod at her before he rised up on his hindlegs and looked around Darnassus once more.
The distant shrouding forest seemed to call to him, and his vision seemingly almost swallowed
the distance before a sudden feral emotion came over him.
He got down on all four and began sprinting, into the forest.
[Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves Teldrassil_screenshots21

Days went by as Howl began straying from the paths of the forest, made by the Kaldorei and went deep into the woods.
It was then he drew his first blood while conscious as this beast he had become.

A deer was drinking the water by a lake nearby and like a true predator, Howl positioned himself in the tall grass and hid in the bushes as he approached the blissfully unaware animal.
He lunged at the deer and got a good grip around its throat with his fangs while he held onto it with his claws, but memories of a man suffering a similar fate in a basement one fateful night made him loosen the grip for a while.

Unfortunately the animal had been grievely wounded and was now shambling away from him desperately clinging to its life.
He approached the deer, held his claws around its neck and snapped it quickly.
Dinner was served, but the grandiosity fell over him as he prepaired the fire.
Refusing to let in to the beast, he prepaired it much like any human would; with a campfire.

As he was enjoying his meal a subtle ruffling in the bushes could be heard.
Howl got up on his hindlegs
"Show yourself, I am not an enemy of yours"

A mighty catbeast emerged.
There was no doubt that the creature was a druid, and sure enough the beast transformed into the beautiful elven woman he had met during his maiden voyage to Darnassus.

"It is unusual to find a campfire prepaired in this part of the woods"
She said as she stood before him completely naked.

Howl elevated his gaze on her from tip to toe and without further ado he threw his worn down jacket towards her.
The Kaldorei seemed a little surprised at his gesture and began laughing at him, but playfully wrapped it around her torso.
"My apologies, I tend to forget that our civilization differs quite a bit from one another when I have been away from the human lands for a while"

"What is your agenda?"

Howl asked as he sat down and tried to contain himself.

"We have been teaching the harvest magi alongside your kin for a while now, but those who left were all turning their attention on their forgotten human cousin in Stormwind. Some even went to aid the druids on Mount Hyjal, but very few turned to our woods here. You were among those few to do so. I couldn't help my curiosity"

She sat down a few feet away from him while covering herself with his jacket, Howl focused intensely on the fire in front of him.
A moment of silence descended upon them.

"You realize we can help you, do you not?
Howl continued looking into the flames
"I've learned much on my own so far. Took a while to get used to the nose, the twisted physique and even my eyesight, but I believe I have it under control now."

From her position she looked at him puzzled
"What of your human form? Are you neglecting it on purpose"

"No, I have a hard time adjusting to switching between the two"

She put her hand on his shoulder
"Show me"

Howl turned to look at her briefly before his bones began snapping, cracking and putting on quite a show, but it was over before it even began.
Before her sat a normal looking man ungroomed and looking a little dirty.

His head was bobbing back and forth a bit, quite visibly showing a display of dizzyness.

As the Elven woman inspected him and forgot about the differences in their culture's etiquette, the interaction eventually became loving in nature, and they spend the night together.

Much like his forgotten human self used to travel to the city, Howl had made much of a similar routine out of his life on Teldrassil, travelling occasionally to Darnassus to exchange the yield of his routine hunting.

But on this day his 'friend' approached him, still after nearly a year the relationship between the two remained vague at best.
She was his teacher, but his lover as well, but the news she brought today was related to neither of the two interests.

"Have you heard? they managed to take down the mad Dragon!"
Howl lighted up as he felt relieved from the good news.
"You should return with your kind"
she said

Howl looked a little disappointed, but he knew that she was right.
No matter how much he loved Teldrassil, he had promised himself over the last year that he owed it to himself to unearth his past one way or another.

And as life tends to be unpredictable, it once more proved to Howl that a new chapter was about to unfold itself.
He took the next fairy from Teldrassil to Stormwind.
The days were long on the great ocean, having been used to serene and pure nature in all of its glory, suddenly being contained to such a small vessel was very intimidating to Howl.

A Stormwind Navy captain approached Howl
"What is your name Gilnean?"
Howl quickly replied
"Howl, Sir"
The captain grew a strange grimace as he looked at the Worgen and replied with a rough tone
"I was asking of your name, not your hobby, wolfman..."
Howl quickly grew a little nervous, having grown used to the very different Kaldorei and soon after made up a random last name that he would later hold on to as his Last name.
"D-Duskmane, Sir!"
The captain turned his head with his hands on his back and peaked an eyebrow
"Very well. I was unsure if you were joking or not. Spend too much time around the Elves? I've seen it happen before don't worry about it lad"
He patted Howl on his shoulder and returned to commandeering his people around.

Howl was pleasently surprised to see that the prejudice based around Worgen had been greatly reduced in a small year, or at least the prejudice he was expecting to be met with.

Many weeks later he finally made it to Gilneas, or what was left of it at least.
[Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves Tumblr_mw90g29ygA1t0os93o2_500

Howl had been warned prior to his voyage that the city itself was still occupied by Forsaken legions, so he knew already that it was a futile endeavor, and sure enough he found nothing that would help him regain his memory as it were.

When he left the city and stood on the remains of the once great wall, he knew that taking the fight to the Forsaken would mean a swift death.
Instead, he at this moment for reasons unknown to himself, felt a need to exact vengeance on this Horde.
Days before his travels began he had heard from the Navy Captain that they were going to aid a task force in the Wetlands, and if Howl had a chance of fighting, this would be a good place to start.

As he observed his former country for the last time, he looked to the sky above it.
A tempest was in the making.
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[Howl: Part 3] Heir to the wolves
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