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 Blackrock Prototype Hydraulic Armor (BP-HA)

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Blackrock Prototype Hydraulic Armor (BP-HA) Empty
PostSubject: Blackrock Prototype Hydraulic Armor (BP-HA)   Blackrock Prototype Hydraulic Armor (BP-HA) EmptyTue Dec 23, 2014 4:36 pm

Quote :
Blackrock Prototype Hydraulic Armor (BP-HA):
The suit makes use of thick armoured, hydraulic-powered skeleton that makes the user much stronger and durable. This is done by reducing the energy required to move the limbs. Because of the  material used to build it armor is extremely heavy, which combined with the lack of power results in complete immobilization of certain unit.
To reduce damage to the legs during falls a series of small hydrailics-powered pistones, created by using local material known as Truesteel, line inside of the leg armour.
The armor is powered by thermal reactions occurring in the engine mounted on the back. Thanks to the properties of blackrock user can count on insulation from heat produced during this proces.

Note: Fireweed, one of the plants from this world may be necessary for such reaction, this requires additional testing. In the alternative, oil from Alliance stocks is also suitable for this task.

Additional equipment:
-Wrist-mounted firearm, shots 4mm caliber rounds loaded manually via rotating the protective plate on top of the gunatlets.
-Claws mechanism activated when pressure is placed against the wrist. Power can be turned on and off to avoid accidental activation.
-Handheld flamethrower supplied from portable phlogiston converter.
-Spinal healing injector.

-The unit armed with this armor is a very visible and important force on the battlefield.
-The person using it is almost completely safe from any damage.
-The ability to use heavier firearms and equipment not available to the average infantryman.
-Psychological effect.
-Another step towards approaching technological level of Iron Horde.
-The possibility of the practical development available raw materials.
-The cost of production and the potential problems associated with obtaining raw materials.
-Associated with the early stages of research, technical issues and downtime in the development of certain technologies.
-The need to train soldiers who are going to use it.
-Due to small number of engineers in our unit, production time can be significant.
-Possible extra costs if we are going to hire blacksmiths and engineers not related to 157th.  

Described armor is the future and possible key to the success, even few of them will allow us to gain advantage on the battlefied.
If we were able to capture one of the engines used by the Iron Horde the whole process would be much faster the same applies to local Draenei, with their knowledge on certain material our knowledge will expand much faster. I suggests to collect a list of materials attached to this report and creation of the first prototype. Expedition to the land of the enemy may be necessary according to what I wrote above.

signed - Pvt. Elena Volodina.

(Along with the report there are blueprints with estimated production time by one person for these and list of materials needed together with the cost estimate. )
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Blackrock Prototype Hydraulic Armor (BP-HA)
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