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 Mission Report: A Few Good Men

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Mission Report: A Few Good Men Empty
PostSubject: Mission Report: A Few Good Men   Mission Report: A Few Good Men EmptySat Jan 31, 2015 2:03 am

Insufficient  reinforcements arrived for  a planned strike against the enemy mining operation in a nearby  gorge.Determined to make the  best of a bad situation  the  arriving reinforcements  under my command   made  for the coast with the aim of  dealing a major blow to the Horde supply routes  there.

Private Ara
Mallicis of The Holy Lightbringers

After a long debate on how best to accomplish our task with so few men and limited equipment. Malluscis  suggested that an efficent use of resources would to plant explosives in one of the ships holds and detonate much as we did with the tank.

All methods of achieving this were far too dangerous even with a large force to  implement.

In the end it was settled that we would load the  powder into  barrels ,protect  said barrels from the  elements as best we could and make for the docks.

We set out with three Tarbuks a four man team ,three barrels of "special" powder ,tar,pitch and a wagon.

En Route to our destination we were ambushed  by a pack of feral wolves easily dispatched with no injuries.

Futher down the trail  an Orcish scout was  spotted and eliminated  before he  could raise the alarm.

Once clear of immediate danger  Malluscis  set about  constructing a  makeshift raft from the  wagon and loaded the barrels onto it.
The accompanying Rangeri  proceeded to the  cliffs overlooking the encampment to take her position.
After thee raft was escorted  to the  ship  it was detonated  the resulting explosion tore a large hole in the  ship claiming many enemy lives.

The alram was raised and once the squad was  reformed we made our escape .

Unfortunatly our presence had been advertised  and  we were forced to engage an enemy force of  twelve strong with our meager  force of four.

During the chase the rangari and Malluscis suffered major injuries.
The Draenei a spear to her mid section and Malluscis 's arm had been badly wounded by enemy missile fire.

By this time only  three were capable of defending themselves and  two combat ready.

Malluscis and I held our ground as best we could though fighting fatigue and Orcs was  difficult.The vindicator joined  once the Rangari had been stabilized

The squad managed to get the upper hand by some divine intervention and we killed the orcs and  limped back to base to lick our wounds

Mission: Successful

Squad strength:1 active  3 seriously injured yet stable
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Mission Report: A Few Good Men
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