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 [Nimble] Extraction.

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Nimble Surestrike

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[Nimble] Extraction. Empty
PostSubject: [Nimble] Extraction.   [Nimble] Extraction. EmptyMon Sep 09, 2013 2:38 pm

One drip
two drips
Three drips
Four drips before the light centered on him, the wind blew fierce as the modified cargo gyrocopter hovered over him a beam of light shining down on him, tearing away the darkness and revealing the once obscured evidence of the acts that had occurred here.

The blood kept dripping from his daggers but the soft sound of the, hitting the pond underneath was all but deafened by the roar from the gyrocopter engines.
Nimble glanced around one last time, looking at the corpses around him.
With the lights he could see it all clearer now.

One opened throat, one gaping stomach and the last with the hollow eyes.
The dagger had gone through the throat like it was hot butter, after in a whirl it had slashed open the stomach, spilling guts and blood out over the sands.
The third had been dispatched when two daggers found his eyes, tearing through them and taking hold in the soft mushy brain hidden inside.

As he stared down at his handy-work Nimble felt something... pity? remorse? No... the goblins had to be removed to clear the extraction area and after all, they were goblins.
Goblins were a malfunction, a bug in the system, a unplanned occurrence in the creator's designs.
Nimble boggled for a moment at his own thoughts. The sudden revering of the titans as beings of creation to justify the removal of goblins, he did not normally require incentive or justification, and by any reasonable standard he and his race were no less a error in the titanic design.
"Stop contemplating ethics and get in"
Nimble looked away.
Away from the corpses, seeing the gyrocopter, now hovering just slightly above ground, the cargo door open.
He jogged over to it and hopped in before the gates slowly closed.
Then the voice again, the same voice he had heard clearly outside the gyrocopter even with the deafening sound of the engines.
"Good job Nimble, you will reach the ship for de-briefing in a hour, get some rest"
The voice as it had before sounded within Nimbles mind, where it was a constant lurking presence.
Always observing, always prepared to give direction or orders.
Tjib watched, Tjib always watched, watched him and the others.
There was a odd safety in that.
A safety in knowing that no matter where he went, what he did or how he hid, at least one gnome always knew his actions and his location.
Always watched, never alone.
While Nimble slowly drifted of to sleep he felt a odd discomfort, just for a moment unsure if the feeling of safety was how he actually felt or how he had been designed to feel.
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Nimble Surestrike

Posts : 19
Join date : 2013-07-23

[Nimble] Extraction. Empty
PostSubject: [Nimble] Critical error   [Nimble] Extraction. EmptyFri Feb 21, 2014 12:24 am

"How old are you Nimble?"
The question repeated itself in his mind as he again tried to analyze all available facts and find an answer.
The facts were conflicting, this should be a simple question, this should not be difficult, why was it difficult?
He had invented his anti-detection device previous to turning thirty, it had been the main subject of his doctorate. Estimating time of completion on that and his other devices should bring some results into questions of age.... Other doctorates... wait.. ten? Five? Fifte-.. his brain was a whirl, mixed memories of studies, exams and experiments, some occurring at seemingly the same time but in different locations. There were logical impossibilities present, he was unable to be several places at once, it didn’t make sense.
How could it not make sen-...


The voice was clear and present within his mind.
It had brought forward that familiar feeling like something choked his mind, stopped the processes running and just fully reset every pattern of thought developing.
For a moment or two it was like his mind was completely void, nothing analyzed, nothing processed and no voices.
It was a moment of incredible peace but nothing more than a moment.
Nimble snapped back into standard action in what he would estimate was less than a second.

Superior officer subject Dawson was still asking about things that Nimble realised he did not want to or was not able to think about or process.
He had to get away from this conversations and the thoughts it lead to.

. . . .

Nimble pondered if the rapid escape from Subject Dawson had done anything other than increase her potential interest in the situation, and therefore he reviewed different potential solutions to remove the subject as a topic of conversation in the future.

A. Kill subject Dawson..... potentially problematic but clearly the most efficient! However combat prowess of the subject suggested that this might actually be damaging for the unit, something which conflicted with prime directives. Option dismissed.

B. Convince her it had all been a drea-.. Undead did not require sleep and did to Nimbles knowledge not dream, option dismissed

C. Convince her it was a fabrication of her imagination potentially brought on by brain rot! Feasible option. However the risk of Subject Dawson investigating her brain for any signs of rot might be present. And actually introducing a substance to speed up any rotting processes. to make this convincing, would be both difficult and again potentially harmful to the efficiency of the unit. Option dismissed.

D. Fabricate a false age and backstory that did not require as much internal inquiry or attempts to analyze restricted information.
Feasible enough, low risk, no damage to efficiency!

Nimble was unsure how lying had not crossed his mind earlier, it did not exactly come naturally to him, but he should be able to manage the task!
He would clearly establish the lie the next time he was in a position to converse.
For now however the concept of brain-rot had given him some great ideas for weapons against hostile undead subjects. Substances required development, and test subjects had to be found!
Nimble begun drafting designs for a machine to efficiently unearth graves.
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[Nimble] Extraction.
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