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 (K.I.A) Corporal Hugir Strongbrew

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Keag Strongbrew

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PostSubject: (K.I.A) Corporal Hugir Strongbrew   Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:54 am

Personal Information

Name: Hugir Strongbrew
Rank: Corporal
Race&Gender: Bronzebeard Dwarf
Age: 86
Place of Birth: Kharanos, Dun Morogh

Prior non-military employment: Served in the Explorer's League during the Alliance campaign in Northrend and the fight against Deathwing the Destroyer.
Civilian Qualifications: Tinker, Explorer
Prior military service: Joined the Mountaineer Regiment the day of reaching adult hood, fought in the Second War and joined the Alliance Expedition into Outland until shortly after Illidan Stormrage's defeat. Left the military for the Explorer's League to rejoin it when the Fourth War started, having fought in Pandaria.
Military Qualifications: Sharpshooter, Bombadier, Tinker

Assignment: --leave blank--
Battle-role: --leave blank--

Leaves and Passes
Leave from 08.08 - 16.08

Performance Reviews
--Leave Blank---

Disciplinary Record
--Leave Blank--
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(K.I.A) Corporal Hugir Strongbrew
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